s.v. Red Rose FD99

Additional information courtesy of Martin Pember and Geoff Davidson


Official Number: 89708
Completed: 1893
Gross Tonnage: 72
Net tonnage: 56
Length: 67.2 ft
Breadth: 18.8 ft
Depth: 9.0 ft
Rig: Dandy – trawling
Built: Thos Watson – Peel Place, IoM


1893: Completed by ??, Peel, IoM, for Miss B. Rostron, 90 Withnell Road, South Shore, Blackpool as RED ROSE.
10.1.1893: Registered at Fleetwood (FD99).
31.7.1993: Advertised for hire, by day or week; accommodation for eight persons; fishing gear found.
22.12.1894: In severe weather conditions off St. Anne’s-on-the-Sea, with sails blown away. Picked up by Barrow registered iron steamer ARIADNE (292grt/1856) (Capt. John Jackson) which was standing by the Morecambe Bay lightship which had broken from her moorings and awaiting tug FYLDE (217grt/1881).
23.12.1894: Delivered Fleetwood.
20.5.1895: Reported that when returning home in a moderate gale, with squalls, came upon dandy MILO (FD19) with mainmast broken. Connected and delivered Fleetwood.
6.11.1896: Sold to Richard Ashcroft, 54 North Albert St, Fleetwood & others (Richard Ashcroft, managing owner).
23.10.1897: Registered at Fleetwood (FD99).
19.4.1911: In difficulties near North Wharf. Tug CLEVELEYS (292grt/1902) responded and brought safely into Fleetwood.
11.5.1913: Re-measured and tonnage altered to 57.43gross 24.42net.
4.6.1913: New Fishing Certificate issued.
1915: Same.
1917: Sold to Ernest Tomlinson, London Street, Fleetwood (Ernest Taylor, Knowsley Villas, Victoria Road, Thornton-le-Fylde, manager).
26.5.1920: Sold to George Frank Dunston, 36 Avondale Road, Southport.
13.9.1920: Sold to Herbert Pritchard, 88 Gidlow Road South, Stanley, Liverpool.
1921: Sold to Henry George Prior, 19 Bookham Road, Lowestoft.
5.2.1921: Fleetwood registry closed.
7.2.1921: Registered at Lowestoft as SHRUBLANDS (LT1223).
10.9.1930: Lowestoft registry closed “Broken up”.

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Picture courtesy of Fred Bettess

Picture courtesy of Fred Bettess


Shrublands LT1223
Picture courtesy of Martin Pember

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