S.T. Shielburn M15


Official Number: 129357
Yard Number: 465
Completed: 1911
Yard Number: 465
Gross Tonnage: 212
Net Tonnage: 81
Length: 117.3 ft
Breadth: 22.3 ft
Depth: 12.3 ft
Engine: T.3-cyl by A. Hall & Co Ltd, Aberdeen
Built: A. Hall & Co Ltd, Aberdeen


1911: Launched by A. Hall & Co Ltd, Aberdeen (Yd. No.465) for Mrs A. Melville, Aberdeen as ANN FORD MELVILLE.
31.3.1911: Registered at Aberdeen (A365).
4.1911: Completed (James S. Melville, manager).
4.1915: Requisitioned for war service as a minesweeper (1-6pdr) (Ad.No.1347). Based Milford Haven.
By 12.3.1919: Returned to owner at Aberdeen.
1921: Sold to Walker Steam Trawl Fishing Co Ltd, Aberdeen (Andrew Walker, manager).
22.2.1921: Registered at Aberdeen as STAR OF FREEDOM (A365).
1933: Sold to David Wood & J. Flett, Aberdeen (David Wood managing owner).
16.11.1933: Registered at Aberdeen as SHIELBURN (A365).
12.8.1940: Sold to D. Wood, Aberdeen (managing owner).
1941: Sold to Henderson’s Trawling Co Ltd, Hull (Geoffrey Edwards Marr, Fleetwood, manager). Fishing from Fleetwood.
29.3.1944: Requisitioned for war service (after landing at Fleetwood that day) as a smoke making trawler assigned to Operation Neptune – Normandy landings (P.No.4.439) (Hire rate £56.0.0d/month).
11.6.1944: Left Thames for Mulberry A with Group A2. Employed smoke making with replenishment at Portland.
3.7.1944: Operation Neptune ended. Employed as a fuel carrier (Esso).
31.10.1944: Returned to owners.
23.1.1945: Landed at Fleetwood.
2.1945: Sold to Westenborg Trawlers Ltd, Milford Haven (Herman Westenborg, manager).
9.2.1945: First landing at Milford.
2.1945: Aberdeen registry closed.
12.2.1945: Registered at Milford (M15).
25.9.1945: Sold to Lewis Wilcox & Co Ltd, Milford Haven.
28.3.1951: J. C. Llewellin (Trawlers) Ltd, Milford Haven (John C. Llewellin, manager ). Pareja pair trawling with RIVER SPEY (M130).
1956: Sold to BISCO and allocated to Thos. W. Ward Ltd, Sheffield for breaking up.
8.5.1956: Arrived at Castle Pill, Milford Haven.
18.5.1956: Milford registry closed.

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S.T. Shielburn M51

S.T. Shielburn M51
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