S.D/L. Hyacinth M173

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Official Number: 117481
Yard Number: 718
Completed: 1903
Gross Tonnage: 79
Net Tonnage: 18
Length: 80.0 ft
Breadth: 18.1 ft
Depth: 8.3 ft
Built: Smith’s Dock Co Ltd, North Shields
Engine: C.2-cyl and boiler by McColl & Pollock Ltd, Sunderland


1903: Launched by Smith’ s Dock Co Ltd, North Shields (Yd.No.718) for The Herring Fishing Co Ltd, Lowestoft as HYACINTH.
8.1903: Completed (William Thomas Tripp, Kessingland, manager).
24.8.1903: Registered at Lowestoft (LT997).
10.1913: At Lowestoft landed 310 crans of herring – top boat.
1.1915: Requisitioned for war service as an A/S net drifter (Ad.No.1068).
5.1915: Renamed HYACINTH II. Based in Aegean Sea.
Post 12.3.1919: Returned to owner at Lowestoft (Herring Fishing Co Ltd, Lowestoft) and reverted to HYACINTH (LT997).
14.7.1919: Sold to William Henry East Snr, Milford Haven (managing owner).
30.6.1920: Sold to The Admiralty.
24.9.1920: Sold to James Ritchie, Hakin (managing owner).
7.10.1920: Lowestoft registry closed.
9.10.1920: Registered at Milford (M173).
22.10.1920: Sold to James Ritchie, Hakin, William Thomas Davies, Thomas Henry Powell & James Edwards, Milford Haven (James Ritchie, manager). 7.1.1922: Sold to James Ritchie, Thomas Henry Powell & William Thomas Davies, Milford Haven (James Ritchie managing owner).
13.3.1924: Last landing at Milford. Transferred to Fleetwood.
25.3.1924: Sailed Fleetwood for Irish grounds (Sk. D. W. Powell); eight crew. At about 10.00 pm. when some 50 miles WbyS from Lune Light Vessel sprang a leak and started to fill despite pumping. In thick fog with zero visibility started to settle. At about 10.44 pm. fog lifted and Runcorn owned schooner ELLEN ANNE (95grt/1866) was sighted. All crew members transferred before vessel foundered.
26.3.1924: Survivors landed at Holyhead.
4.4.1924: Milford registry closed “Vessel foundered”.

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S.D/T. Hyacinth LT997

S.D/T. Hyacinth LT997
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