S.D/T. Impregnable LT1118 (Seasonal)

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Additional material courtesy of Barry Banham


Official Number: 130031
Yard Number: 353
Completed: 1911
Gross Tonnage: 108
Net Tonnage: 48
Length: 86.5 ft
Breadth: 18.6 ft
Depth: 8.8 ft
Engine: T.3-cyl by W. V. V. Lidgerwood, Coatbridge
Built: J. Duthie Torry Shipbuilding Co, Aberdeen


1911: Launched by J. Duthie Torry Shipbuilding Co, Aberdeen (Yd.No.353) for Edward Catchpole, Kessingland as IMPREGNABLE.
6.1911: Completed (Edward Catchpole managing owner).
23.6.1911: Registered at Lowestoft (LT1118).
31.12.1917: Sold to W. Robbins & Sons Ltd, Lowestoft (Impregnable Fishing Syndicate).
9.1914: Requisitioned for war service as a patrol drifter (1-6pdr HA) (Ad.No.219).
2.1915: Renamed IMPREST.
9.1916: Renamed IMPERATOR. Based Lowestoft.
By 12.3.1919: Returned to owner at Lowestoft (W.Robbins & Sons, Lowestoft) and reverted to IMPREGNABLE (LT1118).
1930s: Seasonal fishing from Padstow and Fleetwood (Bloomfields Ltd, managing agents).
1933: Sold to B. J. W. Robbins, Lowestoft.
12.4.1934: Sold to Harold David Holland & Bertie James William Robbins, Lowestoft (joint owners) (Bertie J. W. Robbens managing owner).
8.1.1935: Sold to P. W. Watson & Sons Ltd & Harold David Holland, Lowestoft (joint owners) (Bertie J. W. Robbins, manager).
19.1.1937: Sold to P. W. Watson & Sons Ltd, Lowestoft (Alan H. Watson, manager).
Pre 1943-1945: Fishing from Fleetwood.
31.5.1944: Sold to The Breeze Co (Lowestoft) Ltd (Alan H. Watson, manager).
8.1957: Sold to Jacques Bakker en Zonen, Bruges for breaking up.
11.9.1957: Sailed Lowestoft for Bruges.
12.9.1957: Arrived Bruges.
12.9.1957: Lowestoft registry closed.

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S.D/T. Impregnable LT1118

S.D/T. Impregnable LT1118
Picture courtesy of The Barry Banham Maritime Photo Collection

S.D/T. Impregnable LT1118

S.D/T. Impregnable LT1118
Picture courtesy of Trevor Snowling

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