s.v. Mary FD24

Additional information courtesy of Christine Simm


Official Number: 11787
Completed: 1798
Gross Tonnage: 26.3
Net Tonnage: 23
Built: ??, Maldon, Essex
Note: Also known as Mary Ashcroft


1798: Completed by ??, Maldon, Essex for ?? , ?? as MARY.
29.12.1856: Registered at Lowestoft..
By 1.1.1851: Owned by Hugh Ashcroft, Cop Lane, Fleetwood (managing owner).
1851-52: Landing regularly at Fleetwood.
By 1860: Registered at Fleetwood. Landing regularly at Fleetwood.
By 1870: Registered at Fleetwood (FD24).
5.8.1874: Fishing the ‘oyster beds’ some nine miles NNW of Morecambe Bay Lightship in company with other trawlers including CYGNET (FD110), EZRA (FD1) (Sk. Richard Wright) and MARTHA AND LIZZIE (FD??). Witnessed the MARTHA AND LIZZIE run down by the American ship IRONSIDES (1400grt/) (Capt. George Blackstone Ashton), Liverpool for Mobile, Alabama with general cargo (also said to be in ballast). Closed the ship and survivors, David Cowell, George Cowell and Edward Rimmer, transferred to CYGNET’s boat and taken onboard, but later put back onboard CYGNET for passage back to Fleetwood.
16.8.1879: A boat race which created much interest amongst the Fleetwood fishermen was that for smack punts over a course in the River Wyre. The prizes competed for were offered by Mr J. Johnson, auctioneer, of Preston. The first was an eight-day clock, valued at 20s, the second 10s and the third 5s, with a metal tea pot for the last boat. Fifteen boats started the race, the course being from the ferry slip, round the lighthouse and back again. The MARY ASHCROFT boat took the lead at the half distance but at the Knott Buoy she was overtaken by the CYGNET and afterwards the MARIA. The return journey was slow there being very little wind and an ebb tide. Results were CYGNET having taken three hours and 20 minutes followed by the MARIA and MARY ASHCROFT. The last boat home was the EZRA.
8.4.1878: Alongside at Whitehaven. John Wilson, Upper Dock Street, Fleetwood, fisherman, going back onboard accidentally fell into the water off the pierhead and was drowned. His body was recovered at low water.
9.4.1878: At a coroner’s inquest a verdict of accidentally drowned was recorded.
10.4.1878: Arrived Fleetwood and body conveyed to his home. He left a wife and seven children.
1.1888: Owned by Richard Ashcroft, Fleetwood. Richard Ashcroft managing owner.
11.7.1888: Whilst fishing on the grounds near Morecambe Bay Lightship (Sk. Mills), at about 6.00am. observed the smack COUNTESS (WN115) (Sk. George Fog) on fire. Hauled and made for the punt which was standing off, took onboard Sk. Fogg and four crew. Recovered the mainmast and with that and the punt in tow set course for Fleetwood some 20 miles away. The CCOUNTESS, completely burnt out sank in the late forenoon. Arrived Fleetwood on the evening tide and landed the survivors.
9.5.1890: Reported that a beautiful illuminated address had been prepared at the behest of the Fleetwood smack crews and owners for presentation to the Rev. W. Morris MA, vicar of St. Olave’s, Ramsey, who had treated them so kindly and entertained them a few months ago when storm bound in the port and on other occasions when they sought refuge in the Isle of Man.
20.12.1900: At night entering Whitehaven harbour, struck the pier carrying away spars and damaging hull, &c. Full extent of damage not known.
30.6.1891: Arrived Glasson Dock for repairs and survey.
6.8.1891: Re measured as a 2nd class sailing trawler – 13n.
6.8.1891: Re registered at Fleetwood as a 2nd class fishing vessel (FD24).
1.1901: Sold to Charles William Pater, 31 Quay Street, Whitehaven. Charles William Pater managing owner.
29.1.1901: Fleetwood registry closed. Registered at Whitehaven (WA1).
Poss 4.8.1904: In a severe gale foundered off Whitehaven. Reported sold for about £20, salved and refitted for further service.
1915: Condemned. Whitehaven registry closed. Broken up.

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