s.v. Mary FD24


Official Number: 11787
Completed: 1798
Gross Tonnage: 26.3
Net Tonnage: 23
Built: ??, Maldon


1798: Completed by ??, Maldon, Essex for ?? , ?? as MARY.
29.12.1856: Registered at Lowestoft.
By 1860: Registered at Fleetwood (FD24).
1.1.1870: Owned by Hugh Ashcroft, Cop Lane, Fleetwood. Registered at Fleetwood (FD24).
1.1.1888: Owned by Richard Ashcroft, Fleetwood.
6.8.1891: Re registered at Fleetwood as a 2nd class fishing vessel (FD24).
6.8.1891: Re measured as a 2nd class sailing trawler – 13n.
1907: Owned by Charles William Pater, 31 Quay Street, Whitehaven (managing owner).
29.1.1907: Fleetwood registry closed. Registered at Whitehaven (1/1901).
1915: Whitehaven registry closed. Broken up.

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26/12/2014: Information updated.
01/12/2018: Information updated.

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