S.T. Night Hawk GY15


Official Number: 138942
Yard Number: 645
Completed: 1915
Gross Tonnage: 307
Net Tonnage: 150
Length: 132.0 ft
Breadth: 24.0 ft
Depth: 12.8 ft
Engine: T.3-cyl and boiler by C. D. Holmes & Co Ltd, Hull
Built: Cochrane & Sons Ltd, Selby


14.8.1915: Launched by Cochrane & Sons Ltd, Selby (Yd.No.645) for The Pioneer Steam Fishing Co Ltd, Grimsby as NIGHT HAWK.
1.1.1916: Registered at Grimsby (GY822).
3.1.1916: Completed (Alick Black, manager).
2.1916: Sold to The Grimsby Steam Fishing Co Ltd, Grimsby (George E. J. Moody, manager).
3.1916: Requisitioned for war service as a minesweeper (1-6pdr HA) (Ad.No.1936). Employed on escort duties. Based Devonport.
By 12.3.1919: Returned to owner at Grimsby.
1926: Sir George E. J. Moody appointed manager.
7.2.1934: On an Icelandic trip off Isafjord sustained damage after striking an ice flow.
1.1939: Sold to Earl Steam Fishing Co Ltd, Grimsby (Sir Alec Black, manager).
1.6.1940: Requisitioned for war service as an auxiliary patrol vessel (P.No.FY.1858) (Hire rate £86.19.8d/month).
10.1940: Fitted out as a minesweeper. Based Plymouth with M/S Group 76.
8.1941: Sold to North Star Steam Fishing Co Ltd, Aberdeen.
22.9.1941: Grimsby registry closed.
25.9.1941: Registered at Aberdeen (A517).
1944: Employed on auxiliary patrol duties.
13.11.1944: Sold to Parkholme Trawlers Ltd, Fleetwood (Harvey Wilfred Wilson, Grimsby, manager).
13.11.1944: Aberdeen registry closed. Registered at Grimsby (GY15).
1945: Sold to Milford Fisheries Ltd, Milford Haven (Owen W. Limbrick, manager).
8.1946: Returned to owner.
24.8.1948: Landed at Fleetwood (Sk. Arthur Harvey) after nine day trip on herring,
1,350 boxes grossed £2,250.
6.1954: Laid up at Milford due to NCB further increase in price of bunker coal.
29.6.1956: Alongside in Milford. Two men scalded by steam when boiler door joint blew.
2.1959: Sold to Jacques Bakker en Zonen, Bruges for breaking up.
25.2.1959: Last landing at Milford.
28.2.1959: Sailed Milford for Zeebruges.
2.3.1959: Delivered Bruges.
3.1959: Grimsby registry closed.

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S.T. Night Hawk GY15

S.T. Night Hawk GY15
Picture courtesy of The Greenday Collection

HMT Night Hawk

HMT Night Hawk
Picture reproduced under IWM Non-Commercial Licence

S.T. Night Hawk GY15

S.T. Night Hawk GY15
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Night Hawk Crew

Night Hawk Crew
Picture courtesy of The Jeffrey Pullen Collection

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