S.D/T. Sarah Hide – LT1157

Additional material by Roy Breach and Barry Banham


Official Number: 140025
Yard Number: 457
Completed: 1921
Gross Tonnage: 162
Net Tonnage: 68
Length: 103.9 ft
Breadth: 20.6 ft
Depth: 10.9 ft
Built: J. Duthie Torry Shipbuilding Co, Aberdeen
Engine: T.3-cyl by Wm. Beardmore & Co Ltd, Coatbridge
Boiler: A. & W. Dalglish, Pollockshaws, Glasgow


23.12.1920: Launched by J. Duthie Torry Shipbuilding Co, Aberdeen (Yd.No.457) for Arthur Gouldby (64/64), Kessingland as ARTHUR GOULDBY.
2.1921: Completed.
21.2.1921: Registered at Lowestoft (LT1215). Arthur Gouldby designated manager.
22.6.1922 (Registered): Shares (48/64) sold to Frank Clement Burton (14/64), Lowestoft; William George Garrood (14/64), Oulton Broad; Walter Albert Wood Greaves (14/64), Pakefield; Henry Blunderfield Garrood (4/64), Oulton Broad and Mariames Theresa Lawrence (2/64), Lowestoft. Arthur Gouldby appointed manager.
22.4.1930: Frank Clement Burton died.
2.9.1930 (Registered): In accordance with Will dated 10.4.1930, shares (14/64) transferred to Edith Clara Burton, Lowestoft; Clement Ernest Brunswick Burton, Oulton Broad & Arthur Gouldby (jointly held), Lowestoft (Arthur Gouldby manager).
24.6.1933: Arthur Gouldby (16/64) shares mortgaged to National Provincial Bank Ltd, London (A).
17.4.1934: Sold to Arthur Gouldby, Lowestoft (14/64) shares held jointly by Edith Clara Burton; Clement Ernest Brunswick Burton and Arthur Gouldby. 18.4.1934: Arthur Gouldby (14/64) shares mortgaged to National Provincial Bank Ltd, London (B).
1935: Seasonal white fish trawling from Fleetwood. (Lowestoft Fish Selling Co Ltd, Lowestoft managing agents).
28.9.1936: Henry George Prior appointed manager.
28.2.1937: Marianne Theresa Lawrence died.
28.8.1937: (Registered): In accordance with Will dated 1.5.1935, shares (2/64) transferred to Barclays Bank Ltd, London.
31.8.1937: (Registered): Sold to Kittiwake Ltd (64/64), Lowestoft (30/64 shares sold by National Provincial Bank Ltd, London under mortgages (A) & (B)). John Victor Breach appointed manager.
11.9.1937: Mortgaged to Small & Co (Lowestoft) Ltd, Lowestoft (C) at 6% interest.
7.9.1937: Registered at Lowestoft as SARAH HIDE (LT1157) (BoT minute M/RG 1561/1937 dated 4.9.1937).
8.10.1937: At Yarmouth landed 147 crans of herring.
16.11.1939: Requisitioned for war service as a minesweeper (1- MG) (P.No.FY.968) (Hire rate £54.13.6d/month).
20.2.1940: Based Dover (Ty/Sk. H. G. Meen RNR). Picked up two survivors of Whitehaven steam coaster RYDAL FORCE (1101grt/1924) mined 400yards south of Gull Light Vessel, Thames Estuary (Mines laid by German aircraft 21.4.1940).
1.6.1940: Operation Dynamo – Dunkirk evacuation, landed 90 troops at Ramsgate.
7.1941: Based Ipswich as armed patrol drifter.
26.5.1943: Ty/Sk. J. Mulligan RNR appointed CO.
16.1.1944: Sk. L. Haigh RNR appointed CO.
1.1944: John Victor Breach died.
9.4.1945: Ronald Henry Self appointed manager.
31.12.1945: Returned to owner.
5.1.1946: Taken off hire.
4.10.1947: At Lowestoft landed 160 crans.
5.11.1947: In collision with steam drifter STRIVE (LT133) and sustained damage.
17.11.1949: Grounded between piers at Lowestoft.
1950s: Seasonal white fish trawling from Fleetwood.
3.4.1950: At Fleetwood landed 176 boxes of white fish grossed £795.
26.5.1952: Last landing at Fleetwood.
6.10.1952: At Lowestoft landed 243 crans.
27.10.1952: At Lowestoft landed 235 crans.
8.11.1952: At Lowestoft landed 225 crans.
25.7.1953: Mortgage (C) discharged.
1.1955: Sold to Belgian shipbreakers (MoT GSP.1/1/01578 dated 14.1.1955).
31.1.1955: Sailed Lowestoft for Antwerp.
7.2.1955: Lowestoft registry closed.

(Note: Named after John Victor Breach’s mother)

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S.D/T. Sarah Hide LT1157

S.D/T. Sarah Hide LT1157
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