S.T. Blighty FD68

Additional Information courtesy of Birgir Þórisson


Official Number: 143806
Yard Number: 244
Completed: 1919
Gross Tonnage: 325
Net Tonnage: 150
Length: 138.5 ft
Breadth: 23.7 ft
Depth: 12.8 ft
Built: Goole Shipbuilding & Repairing Co Ltd, Goole
Engine: T.3-cyl Cooper & Greig Ltd, Dundee


1919: Launched by Goole Shipbuilding & Repairing Co Ltd, Goole (Yd.No.244) (“Mersey “ class) for The Admiralty as JOHN COTTRELL (Ad.No.4463).
8.1919: Sold to Thomas Hamling & Co Ltd, Hull.
28.8.1919: Stage payment – £2,000.
16.9.1919: Stage payment £4,000.
1.11.1919: Stage payment – £2,000.
1.11.1919: Completed electrical installation by Humber Electrical Co Ltd. Hull (£405 plus cost of drilling).
11.1919: Completed as a fishing trawler. Total cost with wood laid decks, accommodation alterations (£1,378) – £9,378.
8.11.1919: Registered at London (Part I) as St. ENDELLION O.N.143806.
12.11.1919: Registered at London (Part IV) (LO115). Harold Hall designated manager.
18.11.1927: Sold to Henry Croft Baker, Grimsby. Henry Croft Baker designated managing owner.
6.5.1928: Sold to H. Croft Baker & Sons Ltd , Grimsby. H. Croft Baker designated manager.
26.4.1930: Sold to Strand Steam Fishing Co Ltd, Cleethorpes. H. Croft Baker designated manager.
12.1.1934: Homeward from fishing grounds stranded south of Kopervik, Norway. Fore part on rocks, making water in engine room and accommodation aft. Salvage vessel alongside.
14.1.1934: Crew except Skipper and Ch. Eng. taken onboard steam trawler SEA KING (GY1251).
17.1.1934: Refloated by salvage vessel and placed alongside at Kopervik. Diver survey revealed extensive bottom damage.
20.1.1931: Arrived Haugesund in tow of salvage vessel for docking.
1.1934: Temporary repairs to enable single voyage to the Humber for permanent repair.
7.1934: Sold to Boston Deep Sea Fishing & Ice Co Ltd, Fleetwood.
25.7.1934: Registered at London as BARBARA ROSE (LO115). Basil Arthur Parkes, designated manager.
8.2.1936: Arrived Campbeltown in tow of passenger steamer having been picked up disabled with engine trouble.
1937: Sold to Towarzystwo Dalekomorskich Polowow “Pomorze” Sp.z.o.o., Gdynia.
5.8.1937: London registry closed. Registered at Gdynia as BARBARA (GDY95).
11.1939: Sold to Adam Steam Fishing Co Ltd, London.
3.11.1939: Registered at Fleetwood as BLIGHTY (FD68). Basil Arthur Parkes, Cleveleys designated manager.
2.1940: Requisitioned for war service as a minesweeper (P.No.FY.505) (Hire rate £101.11.3d/month).
15-25.6.1940: Operation Ariel *.
16.6.1940: Sailed Plymouth for Brest.
31.5.1943: Sold to Mrs Winzenty Bartosiak, Gdynia, Poland.
25.5.1943: Transferred to Polish Navy. Renamed PODOLE.
1.6.1943: Fleetwood registry closed.
6.1943: Registered at Gdynia (GDY312).
5.1944: Re-classed at Fleetwood.
6.1944: Returned to owner.
16.6.1944: First landing at Fleetwood (Boston Deep Sea Fishing & Ice Co Ltd managing agents.
5.3.1946: Stranded whilst fishing off Iceland. Minor damage but lost propeller, Hf. Hamar, Reykjavík engaged to fit replacement fitted and to salvage.
9.6.1946: Refloated and proceeded to Reykjavik under own power.
Mid 9.1946: Advertised by Underwriters “as is” Reykjavik in the custody of Hf. Hamar, Reykjavík.
12.1946: Reported sold to P/f Sandavágs Trolarafelag, Sandavágur, Faroe Islands. Eivind Rasmussen manager. Registered at Sandavágur as TORKIL ØNUNDARSON (VA171).
11.1952: Sold to BISCO and allocated to G. & W. Brunton, Grangemouth for breaking up.

* Operation Ariel – withdrawal of remaining troops of the British Expeditionary Force from France plus other nationals, civil and military.

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HMT Blighty

HMT Blighty
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S.T. Podole GDY9

S.T. Podole GDY9
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S.T. Torkil Ønundarson VA171

S.T. Torkil Ønundarson VA171
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