S.T. Braemar FD215


Official Number: 112928
Yard Number: 219
Completed: 1900
Gross Tonnage: 197.08
Net Tonnage: 57.38
Length: 115.0 ft
Breadth: 21.7 ft
Depth: 11.8 ft
Built: J. Duthie, Sons & Co Ltd, Aberdeen
Engine: 400ihp T.3-cyl by W. V. V. Lidgerwood, Coatbridge
Boiler: Muir & Houston, Glasgow


6.1900: Completed by J. Duthie, Sons & Co Ltd, Aberdeen (Yd.No.219) for The Caledonian Steam Trawling Co Ltd (64/64), Aberdeen as BRAEMAR.
6.7.1900: Registered at Aberdeen (A236). Walter G. Jameson designated managers.
30.6.1908: Sold to John Millington Jackson, St. Anne’s-on-the-Sea & Walter Henry Dickenson, Fleetwood (64/64 joint owners). Walter H. Dickenson designated managing owner)
3.7.1908: Registered at Fleetwood (FD215).
9.7.1908: Aberdeen registry closed.
10.3.1909: Sold to John Millington Jackson (64/64), St. Anne’s-on-the-Sea.
17.3.1909: Vessel mortgaged (64/64) to London City & Midland Bank Ltd, London (A).
18.3.1909: Thomas F. Kelsall designated manager.
16.1.1912: Off the Donegal coast, fisherman W. Scott *, Fleetwood, jumped overboard to rescue a fellow crew member who had been washed overboard.
31.5.1912: Vessel mortgaged (64/64) to William Deacons Bank Ltd, London (B).
3.6.1912: Mortgage (A) discharged.
1.1.1914: Tonnage altered to 78.30 net under provision of Merchant Shipping Act 1907.
6.1915: Requisitioned for war service as a boom defence trawler (1-12pdr) (Ad.No.NI). Based Cromarty.
13.10.1916: Sold to Thomas F. Kelsall, Fleetwood (64/64).
13.10.1916: Thomas F. Kelsall designated managing owner.
26.3.1917: Mortgage (B) discharged.
1919: Returned to owner.
19.12.1919: Sold to John Robson (64/64), Graigallion, Kilmalcolm, Renfrewshire.
14.4.1920: Fleetwood registry closed.
4.1920: Registered at Stranraer (SR2). George H. Smith & Hew Kennedy, Stranraer designated managers.
6.1922: Sold to Andrew Lewis (64/64), Aberdeen.
6.1922: Stranraer registry closed.
14.6.1922: Registered at Aberdeen (A902). Andrew Lewis designated managing owner.
4.3.1926: Sold Regent Fishing Co (Aberdeen) Ltd (64/64), Aberdeen Thomas Walker designated manager.
24.3.1926: Registered at Aberdeen as DANELLA (A902) (BoT Minute M/RG1088/1926 dated16.3.1926).
26.10.1936: Stranded at Deerness, Orkney.
1937: Salved but sold for breaking up.
19.3.1937: Aberdeen registry closed “Vessel broken up.”

Note * – 13.2.1912: W.Scott awarded the Royal Humane Society Bronze medal for his action on 16.1.1912.

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S.T. Braemar FD215

S.T. Braemar FD215
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S.T. Braemar FD215

S.T. Braemar FD215
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