S.T. Bull Dog FD328

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Official Number: 99562
Yard Number: 82
Completed: 1892
Gross Tonnage: 148.15
Net Tonnage: 57
Length: 100 ft
Breadth: 20.1 ft
Depth: 10.6 ft
Built: Cook, Welton & Gemmell, Hull
Engine: 270ihp C.2-cyl and boiler by Bailey & Leatham Ltd, Hull
Speed: 10 knots


3.3.1892: Launched by Cook, Welton & Gemmell, Hull (Yd.No.82) for The Humber Steam Trawling Co Ltd (64/64), Hull as BULL DOG.
26.3.1892: Registered at Hull (H192).
26.3.1892: Richard Simpson designated manager.
26.3.1892: Trials.
29.3.1892: Completed as a beam trawler.
10.4.1893: Richard Henry Hobbs appointed manager.
1892/93: Fished beam trawl in South West waters landing into The Barbican, Sutton Harbour, Plymouth.
1.1.1914: Tonnage altered to 61.80 net under provision of Merchant Shipping Act 1907.
28.7.1915: Sold to Walter Harold Beeley (64/64), Grimsby.
30.7.1915: Hull registry closed.
30.7.1915: Walter Harold Beeley designated managing owner.
4.8.1915: Registered at Grimsby (GY576).
16.8.1915: Walter Harold Beeley (4/64) shares sold to George Tilmouth (4/64), Grimsby.
30.8.1915: Walter Harold Beeley (4/64) shares sold to Percival Clark (4/64), Grimsby.
8.9.1915: Walter Harold Beeley (2/64) shares sold to Marion Elsie Mackrill (2/64), Grimsby.
5.1.1916: Percival Clark (4/64) shares sold to Walter Harold Beeley (58/64), Grimsby.
5.1.1917: Walter Harold Beeley (2/64) shares sold to Marion Elsie Mackrill (4/64), Grimsby.
29.5.1917: Requisitioned for Fishery Reserve.
22.12.1917: Walter Harold Beeley (56/64) shares; George Tilmouth (4/64) shares and Marion Elsie Mackrill (4/64) shares sold to Noah Ashworth, Rowland Morris & Ernest Taylor (64/64 joint owners), Fleetwood.
9.1.1918: Vessel mortgaged (64/64) to The London City & Midland Bank Ltd, London (A).
11.1.1918: Joseph Allen Taylor appointed manager.
1919: Released.
18.7.1919: Grimsby registry closed.
21.7.1919: Registered at Fleetwood (FD328).
6.1924: Mortgage (A) discharged.
18.6.1924: Sold for breaking up at Bowling.
27.6.1924: Fleetwood registry closed on advice from Manager.

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S.T. Bull Dog FD328

S.T. Bull Dog FD328
Bull Dog (inboard of Banks o’ Dee)

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