S.T. Chindwin H34

Additional information courtesy of Mike Thompson and Hull Trawlers


Official Number: 93123
Yard Number: 21
Completed: 1887
Gross Tonnage: 127.43
Net Tonnage: 58.99
Length: 100 ft
Breadth: 20.1 ft
Engine: 45hp T.3-cyl and boiler by Charles D. Holmes & Co Ltd, Hull
Speed: 10 knots
Built: Cook, Welton & Gemmell, Hull


3.12.1887: Launched by Cook, Welton & Gemmell, Hull (Yd.No.21) for George Beeching (27/64), John Di..? Hull (9/64), Thomas Kelsall, Prestwich (27/64) and George Beeching & Thomas Kelsall (1/64 jointly) as CHINDWIN.
31.12.1887: Registered at Hull (H34).
31.12.187: George Beeching designated managing owner.
31.12.1887: Completed.
27.8.1890: John Di..? shares 9/64 sold to George Beeching & Thomas Kelsall jointly.
1893?: Fishing from Fleetwood, catches sent by rail to Manchester and Liverpool Wholesale Fish Markets.
31.1.1895: Sailed Fleetwood for grounds off Colonsay (Sk.T. Glanton); nine crew all told.
6.2.1895: Homeward in fine weather with a good catch. At about 4.00 pm wind shifted, snow began to fall, and visibility deteriorated; engine eased. Later in evening made out Rathlin Island Lighthouse and steered SSE, but in gale force winds and snow storm lost position and about midnight ran on rocks in Pans Bay (Salt Pan Bay) 6 miles south of Corsewall Point, Rinns of Galloway.
7.2.1895: With tide at half ebb and making water in engine room, tried to get off by working engine but failed to move and within half an hour water had reached the fires and steam was lost. At about 6.00 am. all nine crew took to the starboard shrouds in bitter wind and snow and remained there until daylight. The vessel was aground on a rock bound coast but no idea of the location. The skipper decided to float a knotted rope in amongst the rocks and it lodged and came fast. The steward (cook) with lifeline attached succeeded in getting to the shore, 80 – 90ft away and fastened the line more securely so that all could gain the safety of the shoreline, though two hands were washed away and only recovered with great difficulty. Once all had gathered, they saw that they had to scale a 50 ft rock face to gain the ground above and with difficulty in the trying conditions, this was accomplished. They found themselves on a snow covered moor with no sign of habitation and set out to walk inland but after about five hours had to stop and try to seek shelter by digging out a hollow in the snow, but this provided no respite and after three hours set off walking again.
8.2.1895: The men walked until about 4.00 am. when they thought they saw a hut, but this turned out to be a midden which afforded some shelter and with straw and twigs made a fire. At 8.00 am. they were discovered by a shepherd’s dog and later the shepherd appeared. The 2nd engineer had put his foot close to the fire and with frostbite did not feel two toes had been burnt off. Guided to the nearby farm of Mr Carr at Garnock they were compelled to drag the engineer through the snow and with the road to Stranraer impassable no medical attention was available. All returned to Fleetwood.
13.3.1895: Hull registry closed.
1895: Wreck sold to Mr Garscadden, Glasgow and in summer months stripped and part demolished in situ.

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