S.T. Egeria GY533

Additional information courtesy of Mike Thompson, Bill Blow, Birgir Þórisson, Göran Olsson and Dag Bakka Jnr


Official Number: 93116
Completed: 1887
Gross Tonnage: 92.25
Net Tonnage: 92.25
Length: 84.0 ft
Breadth: 21.3 ft
Depth: 10.3 ft
Built: William Caisley, Howdendyke
Engine: 30nhp C.4-cyl diagonal by John Holmes, Hull
Boiler: (100psi) by Hawksley, Willis & Co, Sheffield


1887: Completed by William Caisley, Howdendyke for John Holmes (64/64), Hull as EGERIA.
22.9.1887: Registered at Hull (H25).
22.9.1887: John Holmes designated managing owner.
22.9.1887: Vessel mortgaged (64/64) to George Bowman, Hull for the sum of £700 with interest at 5% (A).
16.3.1888: Vessel mortgaged (64/64) to The London & Yorkshire Bank Ltd, London (B).
1.5.1888: Mortgage (A) discharged.
7.8.1891: Hull registry closed.
1891: Converted to steam and fitted with C.4-cyl diagonal (30nhp) by John Holmes, Hull.
1891: On completion of steam conversion re-measured 95.64g 29.63n.
7.8.1891: Re-registered at Hull (H25) on completion of conversion to steam and alteration to tonnage.
7.8.1891: John Holmes designated managing owner.
1.12.1893: Sold by order of the mortgagee under mortgage (B) to George Martin Smith (64/64), Grimsby.
1.12.1893: George Martin Smith designated managing owner.
7.12.1893: Hull registry closed.
8.12.1893: Registered at Grimsby (GY553).
18.12.1893: Vessel mortgaged (64/64) to The Hull Banking Co Ltd, Hull (C).
1.1.1895: Mortgage transferred to The York City & County Banking Co Ltd, York.
24.4.1895: Mortgage (C) discharged.
16.10.1895: Sold to Arthur Richardson, Portrush, Co. Antrim.
16.10.1895: Arthur Richardson designated managing owner. Landing at Fleetwood.
5.1897: Sold to Otto Wathne, Seydisfjordur, Iceland.
3.5.1897: Grimsby registry closed. Registered at Copenhagen (LBCG).
2.6.1897: Arrived Iceland from Fleetwood. Longlining from Seydisfjordur, initially with dories and some Norwegian/Faroes fishermen. The operation was not a success returning a loss of 15% in 1897.
20.2.1898: Sold to A/S. “Seydisfjords Dampfiskeri”, Copenhagen. Copenhagen registry closed. Registered at Seydisfjordur (NS39).
1902: Sold to A. Erving, Kristiansund, Norway.
1.6.1902: Icelandic registry closed. Registered at Kristiansund.
1909: Re-engined by Mjellern & Karlsen in Bergan with a C.2-cyl (36nph).
1914: Sold to A/S D/S Egeria (Edvard Mikalsen), Kristiansund.
1918: Sold to Thor Egeland, Stavanger. Kristiansund registry closed. Registered at Stavanger.
1.1.1919: Out of Trondheim for the fishing grounds off the Norwegian coast; nineteen crew. Mined near Rövarholmen and foundered with the loss of eleven crew. Stavanger registry closed.

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Egeria Papers

Egeria Papers
Courtesy of NE Lincs Archives/Bill Blow


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