S.T. Leeds United GY261

In Boston (Fleetwood) ownership. Did not fish from the port.
Additional information courtesy of Mike Thompson


Official Number: 162877
Yard Number: 957
Completed: 1933
Gross Tonnage: 399
Net Tonnage: 151
Length: 155.0 ft
Breadth: 26.4 ft
Depth: 12.2 ft
Built: Smith’s Dock Co Ltd, South Bank on Tees
Engine: T.3-cyl by Smith’s Dock Co Ltd, Middlesbrough


21.8.1933: Launched by Smith’s Dock Co Ltd, South Bank on Tees (Yd.No.957) for Consolidated Fisheries Ltd (64/64), Grimsby as HUDDERSFIELD TOWN.
9.1933: Completed. Cost to build £19,814.
25.9.1933: Registered at Grimsby (GY521). Sir John Denton Marsden, Bart appointed manager.
1.8.1939: Landed prior to survey and Admiralty trials.
9.1939: Sold to The Admiralty for the sum of £22,617 and fitted out as an anti-submarine trawler (1-4.7”, AA weapons, ASDIC, DC, later Radar)(P.No.FY.197).
2.10.1939: Lieut Cdr James G. C. Gibson RN (Rtd) appointed CO.
25.1.1940: Grimsby registry closed. Based Milford Haven with 8th A/S Group.
1941: Skr. John H. Consadine RNR appointed CO.
12.9.1943: Sk. Lieut. Magnus A. Smith appointed CO.
1944: Assigned to Operation Neptune – Normandy landings.
5.6.1944: Escort to Assault Convoy S14A.
6.6.1944: Arrived Utah Beach. Escorted work barges to beach.
7.6.1944. Returned Solent escorting hospital ship. Then escort duties in Western Task Force area.
3.7.1944: Operation Neptune ended.
9.1.1945: Picked up 62 survivors from American steamer JONAS LIE (7198grt/1944) (Capt Carl L. Von Schoen) torpedoed and badly damaged by U-boat (U1055) when outside the Bristol Channel in position 51.45N 05.27W whilst on passage Milford Haven to New York.
10.1.1945: Rescue tug HMS STORMKING (P.No.W87) (700disp/1942) sailed Milford Haven.
11.1.1944: At casualty, transferred salvage crew, connected and commenced tow.
12.1.1945: Tow parted in heavy seas. Steam tug EMPIRE SPRITE (242grt/1942) came on scene but was unable to connect.
13.1.1945: In heavy seas again attempted to re-connect but steamer started to settle and in afternoon salvage crew taken off.
14.1.1945: Vessel foundered.
1945: Sk. Charles B. Scott RNR appointed CO.
20.10.1945: A Control Committee was formed to manage Hull and Grimsby trawlers which had been bought by the Admiralty pre war and were being offered for sale back by Admiralty Deal to their original owners. The owners who bought back these vessels and wanted to take part in the scheme agreed to register the trawlers under the Hull Ice Co. Ltd and profits were shared. Management of the trawlers was given to the companies which had bought them.
30.11.1945: Returned.
11.1945: Repurchased from the Admiralty through the Hull Ice Co Ltd, Hull Control Committee (Admiralty Deal) allocated Consolidated Fisheries Ltd, Grimsby to be paid for in four installments – total £14,750.
4.1946: Refurbished and surveyed at Newport, Mons.
18.4.1946: Registered at Grimsby (GY261). Thomas Rowan Ronald appointed manager.
16.11.1946: Sold to Consolidated Fisheries Ltd, Grimsby.
11.3.1947: Sir John Denton Marsden, Bart appointed manager.
2.7.1962: Registered at Grimsby as LEEDS UNITED (GY261) to free name for new build.
6.6.1963: Sold to Boston Deep Sea Fisheries Ltd (64/64), Fleetwood. Basil Arthur Parkes appointed manager.
9.1963: Sold to Brugse Scheepssloperij NV, Brugge, Belgium.
20.9.1963: Grimsby registry closed.

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S.T. Huddersfield Town GY261

S.T. Huddersfield Town GY261
Picture courtesy of The Mark Stopper Collection

S.T. Huddersfield Town GY261

S.T. Huddersfield Town GY261
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