sv Farmer – FD??

Information courtesy of Andy Hall


Official Number: 27318
Gross Tonnage: 39
Rig: Smack


1861: Launched by Thomas Smith, Ashton Quays, Preston (Yd.No.?) for John Wright, Fleetwood and others as FARMER.
1861: Completed. Registered at Fleetwood (FD??). John Wright designated managing owner.
1867: Sold to John Stove, Lerwick, Shetland.
1867: Fleetwood registry closed.
1867: Registered at Lerwick (LK102).
5.8.1872: Advertised for sale in the Shetland Times. Offers to John Stove Jnr, Grocer, Lerwick.
6.10.1873: Advertised for sale by auction on 28.11.1873, if not sold previously.
16.2.1874: Advertised for sale again.
By 1876: Owned by John Walker, 1 Polworth Terrace, Edinburgh.
15.11.1876: Whilst anchored off Sandlodge, Sandwick, Shetland parted her cable and drove ashore; crew landed safely.
By 1878: Fishing registration closed.
4.5.1878: Advertised in Shetland Times – “Wanted a crew for the smack “FARMER”, to sail her on shares in the Coasting Trade, viz., carrying ore from Sandlodge Mines to the Southern Markets and General Goods Home“.”.
12.1880: John Walker declared bankrupt.
29.10.1881: Advertised in the Shetland Times for sale by auction unless previously sold along with the smack (cutter) DRYAD 53g/1846 both belonging to the sequestrated estate of Mr John Walker. Considerable repairs undertaken to both vessels two years ago. Both vessels open to view at Lerwick.
21.2.1882: At anchor off Lerwick, cable parted and driven onto Freefield Quay, Lerwick.
By 1883: Owned by John Morgan Aitken, Lerwick.
30.4.1887: Labourer William Garriock injured “While unloading paving stones when vessel lurched with the motion of the sea.“
24.12.1887: Shetland Times: “Owing to the unavoidable absence of the steamer “EARL of ZETLAND”. The following arrangements have been made until her return. The steamer “QUEEN” will make a trip to the North isles in the first week of January and every alternate week, the smack “FARMER” has been put on the passage sailing alternately for the North Isles and Yellsound until the return of the “EARL of ZETLAND”.”.
21.5.1898: Drove ashore and wrecked at Port Stoth beach in an ESE force 4 wind having loaded granite stones and asphalt for Potrnaguran, Isle of Lewis for the erection of the lighthouse at Tiumpan Head. Capt. W. Irvine and three crewmen landed safely (vessel was uninsured). Registration closed.

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