S.T. Braconvale (1) A14

Additional information courtesy of David Slinger and Andy Hall


Official Number: 180999.
Yard Number: 190
Completed: 1946
gross Tonnage: 341.35
Net Tonnage: 125.59
Length: 136.00 ft (148.00 loa)
Breadth: 24.65 ft
Depth: 13.75 ft
Engine: T.3-cyl (600ihp) by John Lewis & Sons Ltd Aberdeen Eng.No.264
Boiler: Barclay, Curle & Co Ltd, Scotstoun, Glasgow


1945: Ordered by Basil Arthur Parkes, Fleetwood. To be owned by a Boston Deep Sea Fishing & Ice Co Ltd Aberdeen subsidiary and operated out of Aberdeen.
4.12.1945: Launched by Mrs J. Doeg wife of the managing director of The Don Fishing Co Ltd. at John Lewis & Sons Ltd, Torry, Aberdeen (Yd.No.190) for The Don Fishing Co Ltd, Aberdeen as BRACONVALE.
19.2.1946: Builder’s Certificate issued. John S. Doeg designated manager.
20.2.1946: Trials in Aberdeen Bay.
22.2.1946: Registered at Aberdeen (A14). Skipper Alexander Ord Tevendale.
12.1946: Sold to Government of Poland, Warsaw (Ministry of Industry & Commerce) through the United Nations Relief & Rehabilitation Administration (U.N.R.R.A). “Dalmor” Przedsiobiorstwo Polowow Dalekomorskich Sp.z.ogr.odp, Gdynia designated managers.
31.12.1946: Aberdeen registry closed.
1.1947: Registered at Gdynia as ORION (GDY106). Week commencing
9.11.1959: In collision with a Finnish registered cargo ship off the River Elbe; shell plating damaged, taking water, beached near Cuxhaven. Came off on next tide despite the fact that she was taking water and put into Cuxhaven for repairs.
8.1973: Sold to Van den Bossche & Co, Boom for breaking up. Gdynia registry closed.

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