S.T. W. Wetherly – A65

Additional information courtesy of Christine Simm and Birgir Þórisson


Official Number: 123353
Yard Number: 401
Completed: 1906
Gross Tonnage: 234.19
Net Tonnage: 75.43
Length: 120.1 ft
Breadth: 23.1 ft
Depth: 12.1 ft
Built: Hall, Russell & Co Ltd, Aberdeen
Engine: T.3-cyl and boiler by Hall, Russell & Co Ltd, Aberdeen


21.4.1906: Launched by Mrs W. R. Wetherly, wife of the owner at Hall, Russell & Co Ltd, Aberdeen (Yd.No.401) for William Richard Wetherly, Aberdeen as W. WETHERLY.
12.5.1906: Registered at Aberdeen (A65). William R. Wetherly designated manager.
26.6.1906: Maiden landing 150 ton of salt fish from Iceland (Sk. Robert Erskine Wetherly)
(J. Brown, agent).
6.8.1906: Landed a fairly good shot from Iceland.
9.8.1906: Sailed Aberdeen afternoon tide for Portugal.
14.8.1906: Arrived Ferrol.
15.8.1906: Sailed Ferrol.
8.1906: Fishing out of Lisbon (Sk. Robert E. Wetherly).
7.1907: Arrived Aberdeen from Portugal.
22.7.1907: At the Justice of Peace Court, Aberdeen Sk. Robert Erskine Wetherly was charged with on 17th July having onboard, knowingly, harboured, kept, or concealed 20lbs of tea. He was also charged with having offered, on the same date, a bribe, recompense, or reward to the two customs officers. The accused stated that the tea had been bought in Lisbon for the use of the crew while fishing out of that port. Having heard all the evidence the Justices found the first charge proven and imposed a fine of £3 with £1 expenses. The second charge was found not proven.
1907: Fishing out of Aberdeen (Messrs Smith, Jameson & Holmes, agents).
13.4.1907: Landed 81/2 tons (310 boxes/21/2 tons side fish).
24.8.1907: Landed 80 boxes/20 score.
4.11.1907: Landed 250 boxes/2 ton side fish.
27.12.1907: Landed 150 boxes/10 score.
1907: Fishing out of Aberdeen (Messrs Smith, Jameson & Holmes, agents).
6.1.1908: Landed 270 boxes/10 score.
21.4.1908: Landed 270 boxes/25 score.
20.5.1908: Landed 190 boxes/51/2 tons side fish.
7.10.1908: Landed from a West coast trip over 260 boxes (including 200 boxes of herring/ 2 tons side fish.
12.1908: Bought by Wetherly’s Steam Fishing Co Ltd, Aberdeen for the sum of £6,037 5s 9d including outfit; ownership not transferred.
1909: Fishing out of Fleetwood (Messrs Smith, Jameson & Holmes, agents).
4.1.1909: Landed 60 boxes.
15.1.1909: Landed 70 boxes.
27.1.1909: Landed 200 boxes.
4.6.1909: Landed 245 boxes.
24.8.1909: Landed 260 boxes.
9.9.1909: Landed 350 boxes.
6.10.1909: Landed 350 boxes.
4.1.1910: Landed 140 boxes.
1.1910: Fishing out of Aberdeen.
9.2.1910: Landed 80 boxes/50 score.
23.2.1910: At Fleetwood landed 90 boxes.
28.4.1910: Landed 120 boxes/370 score.
23.7.1910: Landed 80 boxes/5 score.
21.10.1910: Landed 100 boxes/40 score.
1. 1911: Fishing out of Aberdeen.
26.1.1911: Landed 140 boxes/5 tons.
2.-5.1911: Along with VALEof LENNOX (A256) chartered by Trawlfjelagið bræðurnir Thorsteinsson, Reykjavik (The Thorsteinsson-brothers Trawling company – Th Thorsteinsson and P.J. Thorsteinsson) for the salting season *.
2.1911: The pair sailed Aberdeen for Iceland with mainly Icelandic crews and fishing masters.
5.1911: Returned to Aberdeen. The ‘season’s’ catch had been 380 tons, the second most successful ship.
2.6.1911: Again fishing out of Fleetwood (Smith, Jameson & Holmes, managing agents.)
24.6.1911: Landed 150 boxes.
3.8.1911: Landed at Aberdeen.
12.9.1911: Landed 330 boxes.
22.12.1911: Landed at Aberdeen.
15.1.1912: At Aberdeen landed 155 boxes/30 score.
2-5.1912: Chartered by H/F Óðinn, Reykjavik (Elías Stefánsson) for the salting season.
6.8.1012: At Aberdeen landed 120 boxes/41/2 tons.
16.9.1912: At Fleetwood land 175 boxes.
1913: Fishing out of Aberdeen (Messrs Smith, Jameson & Holmes, agents).
3.1.1913: Landed 200 boxes/3 score.
6.1.1913: Arrived Aberdeen with the Avoch owned, Inverness registered ketch SWIN (58n/1883), Aberdeen for Methil, cargo sleepers, picked up off Tod Head Light, abandoned. Caught in a heavy gale on 30th December about 50 miles off Tod Head Light, the ketch became unmanageable. In response to her signals of distress Hull trawler MERCURY (H518) responded, closed, connected and commenced tow to Aberdeen. After some time the wires parted and the crew were taken off leaving the ketch abandoned. Crew landed at Aberdeen 1st January.
29.6.1913: At Fleetwood landed 150 boxes.
12.8.1913: At Fleetwood landed 130 boxes.
27.9.1913: Landed 250 boxes/24 score.
8.10.1913: Sold to Oceaan Visscherij Maatschappij ‘Oceaan IV’, IJmuiden.
15.10.1913: Aberdeen Part IV registry closed.
15.10.1913: Sailed Aberdeen in the evening for IJmuiden with same crew.
10.1913: Registered at IJmuiden as OCEAAN IV (IJM202). L. Alland designated manager.
2.12.1916: Reported captured by Germans and taken in to Cuxhaven.
28.5.1920: Sailed IJmuiden for fishing grounds.
30.5.1920: Seen on fishing grounds. Missing since this date.

* The venture was very successful and in May 1911, P.J. Thorsteinsson signed contracts for two trawlers from Cochrane & Sons Ltd, Selby; Yd Nos. 515 BALDUR (RE146) and 516 BRAGI (RE147), which entered service in the 1912 ‘season’ with the same crews.

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