S.D/T. Floreat – BCK25

Additional information courtesy of Andy Hall and Christine Simm


Official Number: 128357
Yard Number: 54
Completed: 1908
Gross Tonnage: 93
Net Tonnage: 32
Length: 86.00 ft
Breadth: 18.60 ft
Depth: 9.7 ft
Engine: C.2-cyl by Vauxhall & West Hydraulic Co, Luton


5.1908: Completed by Charlton & Doughty Ltd, Grimsby (Yd.No.54) as a drifter for Alexander Reid, Portgordon & others as FLOREAT.
4.6.1908: Registered at Buckie (BCK25). Alexander Reid managing owner and skipper.
25.7.1908: In Balta Sound, Unst, Shetland, collided with sail boat FLOWER o’ BUCHAN (FR945); both vessels sustained damage.
21.3.1909: Sailed Portgordon for Dunmore East, Co. Waterford.
18.5.1910: John Henderson, fireman, 8 Duff Street, Inverness was injured when the drifter was on passage from Stornoway to Inverness and near Kirkwall. Henderson, who was in the engineroom, lost his balance when the ship gave a slight lurch and his right foot slipped between the well plates and the crank pinion crushing his ankle. Henderson weekly earnings were 32s and as a result of the accident, the owner paid compensation up to 14th October 1912 after which he was offered a lump sum of £10 to discharge any claim in full. This settlement was refused.
5 & 26.11.1913: At Banff Sheriff Court a case was brought by Henderson for further compensation for his accident but on account of conflicting medical evidence the case was adjourned for further investigation.
29.12.1913: At Banff Sheriff Court the adjourned case was reviewed on the confirmation by the medical referee that Henderson’s incapacity was entirely as a result of his accident on 18th May 1910. The Sheriff found for the pursuer that he was entitled to further compensation in that he could only do light work. To be paid 15s per week from 14th October 1912 to 21st March 1914 and thereafter at the rate of 10s per week. The pursuer also entitled to expenses.
5.6.1915: Picked up nine man crew of Aberdeen steam trawler EBENEZER (A892) sunk by U.boat the previous day in the North Sea and landed them at Lerwick.
6.1915: Requisitioned for war service as a net drifter (1-3pdr) (AD.No.2204). Based Malta.
By 12.3.1919: Returned to owner at Buckie.
8.12.1921: At about 5.00pm, against a NW wind, left Cluny Harbour, Buckie with six sail boats in tow. Before reaching the Mucks, three boats cast off and made sail, the other three being towed past the beacon, when the third boat, SPEEDWELL (WK76), Sk. William Bain, parted her tow rope and was swept towards the reef. The Buckpool steam drifter VINTAGE (BF574), Sk.James Slater Snr with steam up, witnessed the incident and left the quay at best speed with the crew clearing away the punt, steamed to windward of the SPEEDWELL which was now on the rocks, holed and heeled over. The punt was launched with James Slater Jnr, Alex Grant, Peter Bruce and William Hay and with a rope attached veered down on the wreck. At considerable risk they took onboard the crew, Wm. Bain, John Mackay, Donald Mackay, Angus Mackay Samuel Mathieson and Alex Bain and were hauled back to the VINTAGE. Landed in the outer basin.
18.5.1918: The South Fleetwood Fishing Co Ltd, London incorporated with an initial capital of £1,000 subsequently increased to £100,000, the issued capital being £63,705.
2.1919: Sold to South Fleetwood Fishing Co Ltd, London for the sum of £5,500.
2.1919: Alexander Reid designated manager with a salary of £500 per annum and 21/2% of profits, subsequently reduced to £300 per annum.
15.12.1921: Compulsory winding up order made on the petition of Charles Jeffs, Fleetwood, heard at Bankruptcy Buildings, London. Figures furnished by directors show liabilities in the neighbourhood of £18,955 and assets of £9,336. Because of difference of opinion as to who should be the liquidator, Court to appoint a liquidator.
16.12.1921: STEAM FISHING VESSELS. There will be exposed for Sale by Public Roup, within the DOUGLAS HOTEL, Aberdeen, on WEDNESDAY, 28th December 1921, at 12 o’clock noon – (1) STEAM TRAWLER “K. M. HARDY,” of Aberdeen; length B/P 138.8 feet; built 1919. (2) STEAM TRAWLER “M. J. REID,” of Aberdeen; length 138.7 feet; built 1919. (3) STEAM DRIFTER “FLOREAT,” of Buckie; length B/P 86 feet; built 1908. (4) STEAM DRIFTER “VICTORY,” of Banff; Length B/P 81.30 feet; built 1905. (5) STEAM DRIFTER “THE GORDONS,” of Buckie; length B/P 70 feet.
2.12.1923: Sold to Charles W. Wink & J. H. Wink, Grimsby. Buckie registry closed.
29.12.1923: Registered at Grimsby as (GY351). Charles W. Wink designated managing owner
1.1925: Sold to Walter Harold Beeley & others, Grimsby. Walter H. Beeley designated managing owner.
7.1929: Sold to John Wood, Portknockie & others.
4.7.1929: Grimsby registry closed.
7.1929: Registered at Banff (BF101). John Wood designated managing owner.
1933: Sold for breaking up. Banff registry closed.

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