sv Mary James – CO6

Additional information courtesy of Maurice Voss and Christine Simm


Official Number: 78323.
Tonnage: 47n.r.t.
Built: J.W. & A. Uphams, Brixham
Rig: Ketch


1878: Completed by J.W. & A. Uphams, Brixham for John Petherbridge James, Brixham as MARY JAMES.
27.8.1878: Registered at Brixham (DH102).
8.11.1878: Off Start Point in gale force NNW winds with heavy squalls and violent showers, fell in with the Penzance smack IDEA (PZ482), which had her mainsail blown away while fishing and had become unmanageable. Connected and delivered Brixham.
4.3.1880: Put a fisherman onboard the Halifax, Nova Scotia, schooner CORA (56n.r.t./1851), Antwerp for Hong Kong with general, having a portion of her cargo shifted. Piloted to anchor in Tor Bay.
1.10.1886: At about 9.30pm, one of eight trawlers fishing under full sail in a SSE wind. Suddenly the wind fell away to dead calm followed by a full gale from the NNW, throwing the smack to lee and carrying away the mainsail. The gale lasted for about one hour during which canvas was reduced and a jury mainsail rigged to enable a return to Brixham.
30.4.1887: Reported that the smack had sailed to fish in the North Sea, one of sixteen trawlers that had left Brixham for the East Coast to date.
9.1.1890: Returned to Brixham with loss of her trawling gear, having parted the trawl warp about twenty fathoms from the shackle when fishing on the Clumps off Start Point.
23/24.1.1890: Following a series of gales, eighteen large steamers sought shelter in Tor Bay, one of whom, while riding the gales, lost her anchor and cable.
25.1.1890: Smack engaged to recover which was undertaken successfully.
13/14.10.1891: Gale force winds on the South Devon coast. Fishing near Berry Head, nearly all the Brixham trawler fleet were caught with their trawls down and suffered damage to sails, masts and rigging. Mizzen mast carried away. All smacks belonging to Brixham safe.
10/11.11.1891: In a S then SSE gale switching to WNW gale in the forenoon, parted the trawl warp and lost all her trawl gear.
6.9.1892: Mr John Petherbridge James (73), 1 Torbay Terrace, Brixham passed away following a heart attack.
24.9.1892: Mr S. T. Dugdall will sell by auction on Saturday at Banfield’s George Hotel, the fishing ketch, “MARY JAMES.”
10.1892: Sold to Thomas Lee Manchester, Westfield, Pwllhelii, Carnarvon.
1.11.1892: Brixham registry closed. Registered at Carnarvon (CO6).
30.12.1889: Converted to ketch rig.
1900: Sold to Arthur Anderson, Wholesale Fish Market, Liverpool & others. Arthur Anderson designated managing owner.
1903: Sold to Arthur Anderson and Robert McEwan Anderson, Wholesale Fish Market, Liverpool. Arthur Anderson designated managing owner.
1911: Sold to John H. Collins, 39 Derwent Street, Stratford, Manchester. John H. Collins designated managing owner.
14.2.1811: Arrived Glasson Dock (Herbert, master) from Fleetwood for docking and survey by Nicholson & Sons.
1915: Change of address. John H. Collins, 42 Park Road, Stratford, Manchester.
1918: Change of address. John H Collins “Yvoemar” Abercrombie Road, Fleetwood.
5.6.1918: At Fleetwood Police Court, two lads were charged with stealing 161/2 lbs of soles, value £2 8s from the smack, the property of Joseph Holmes. William Mellor, mate, stated that he locked up the smack at 5.30pm on the 2nd June and when he returned at 6.00am the following day he found that someone had broken into the trawler and the soles were missing. Early that morning, John Croft, fishermen saw the accused in his punt in which they had the stolen fish. Croft reported the lads to the police and they were arrested. Each lad was bound over for 12 months.
4.1920: Sold to René Vandeput, Oostende. Carnarvon registry closed. Registered at Oostende as MARY JAMES (O45).
1920: Remeasured – 32,24n.r.t.
19.10.1921: Registered at Oostende as GENERAL JACQUES (O160).
27.6.1922: When some 4 miles SWbyW of the Noordhinder Lightship, struck a mine and foundered. Crew picked up and landed safely. Oostende Registry closed.

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