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s.v. Druid FD154


Official Number: 12339
Completed: 1848
Gross Tonnage: 34
Net Tonnage: 24
Rig: Cutter
Built: ??, Ringsend, Dublin



1848: Completed by ??, Ringsend, Dublin as DRUID.
1848: Registered at (E) Dublin (D??).
1.1.1867: Owned by George Green, Londonderry. Registered at Londonderry.
1.1.1875: Owned by George Livesay, Fleetwood. Registered at Fleetwood (FD154).
1.1.1880: Owned by John Bradshaw, Fleetwood.
24.12.1886: Sold to Mrs Margaret Hudson, 49 Warren Street, Fleetwood.
1893: Not employed in fishing.
17.1.1902: Fleetwood registry closed. Broken up.

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s.v. Capella FD191


Official Number: Part IV Registered
Completed: 1904
Gross Tonnage: 20.35
Net Tonnage: 20.35
Length: 46 ft
Breadth: 13 ft
Depth: 6.1 ft
Rig: Cutter
Converted to auxiliary motor 16.4g 16.4n
Built: Armour Bros, Fleetwood


1904: Completed by Armour Bros, Fleetwood for ??, ?? as the yacht CAPELLA.
19.7.1915: Registered at Fleetwood (FD191).
20.5.1919: Fleetwood registry closed. ‘Ceased fishing’.
11.11.1943: Registered at Fleetwood (FD242). Owner George Dallas, “Eastwood” Golden Hill Lane, Leyland.
15.12.1944: Fleetwood registry closed ‘Boat no longer fishing’.
12.1.1945. Registered at Fleetwood (FD242). Owner John Callwood Kettlewell, 98 Larkfield Lane, Southport.
16.6.1947: Sold to Theodore John Beard, 113 Guildford Road, Southport.
22.4.1948: Fleetwood registry closed.
4.1948: Registered at Ramsey (RY33).
By 1953: Not recorded.

Undated: Converted to auxiliary motor 16.4g 16.4n

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s.v. Fleetwing FD63


Official Number: 86148
Completed: 1883
Gross tonnage: 41
Net tonnage: 28
Length: 62 ft
Breadth: 17.4 ft
Depth: 8.7 ft
Rig: Cutter later Dandy
Built: J.W. & A. Upham, Brixham


7.2.1883: Launched by J.W. & A. Upham, Brixham for James Small, Brixham as FLEETWING.
1883: Completed. Registered at Dartmouth (DH51 or DH214).
By 1.1888: Registered at Brixham.
3.8.1889: Sold to Mrs Jane Wareing, Fleetwood & Others.
12.1889: Dartmouth registry closed.
9.12.1889: Registered at Fleetwood (FD63).
1891: John Waring, Fleetwood & others (John Waring managing owner).
17.8.1904: Tonnage altered to 24.26net. New Fishing Certificate issued.
20.12.1904: Sold to Frank Jones, 16 Ferndale Rd, Hoylake.
9.1.1913: Foundered in Crosby Channel after being involved in a collision with steam hopper barge BETA (404grt/1891) returning from the spoil grounds. Beta, whilst stopped was run down by inbound Liverpool steamer AMBROSE (4585grt/
1903). One survivor Frederick Arthur Jones, 16 Ferndale Road, Hoylake was picked up by boat from the AMBROSE along with three men from the BETA ; three fishermen lost, Sk. Frank Jones, Edward Jones & J. Jones, all of Hoylake.
20.1.1913: Fleetwood registry closed. Subsequently salved and broken up.

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Sailing Trawler Fleetwing FD63

Fleetwing FD63
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s.v. Devonshire Lass FD37


Official Number: 87593
Completed: 1883
Net Tonnage: 44
Rig: Cutter – trawling
Built: ??, Galmpton


1883: Completed by ??, Galmpton as DEVONSHIRE LASS.
Pre 1.1.1888: Sold to Jas. Brusey, 9 York Street, Kingstown, Co. Dublin.
1.1.1898: Owned by Samuel Pullen, 15 Cambridge Street, Ringsend, Co. Dublin.
5.9.1900: Registered at Fleetwood (FD37).
27.2.1903: In a SSE Force 9 severe gale torn from her moorings and carried on to Bernard’s Wharf.
7.10.1903: Fleetwood registry closed. Sold as a wreck.