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Sailing Trawler Victoria II M112

Additional information courtesy of Barry Johnson


Official Number: ??
Completed: 1897
Gross Tonnage: 22.69
Net Tonnage: 8.68
Length: 39.6 ft
Breadth: 14.3 ft
Depth: 8.58 ft
Built: ??, Porthleven


Cutter – trawling

1897: Completed by ??, Porthleven for ??, ?? as VICTORIA II.
1917: Sold to William Henry Fransham, 4 Gwili Road, Hakin; Henry James Hewer, 75 Waterloo Road, Hakin and Thomas Legget, 59 Waterloo Road, Hakin.
27.4.1917: Registered at Milford (M112).
1918: Auxiliary motor installed.
22.4.1918: Sold to Carrie Cranford c/o Ralph Dugdall, 18 The Bartons, Bristol (Fishing from Brixham?).
28.7.1938: Sold to Walter Chapman & Emily Chapman, 462 North Drive, Cleveleys.
15.9.1938: Sold to Ralph Stockman Dugdall, 57 Esplanade, Fleetwood.
18.9.1940: Sold to Brixham Trawlers Ltd, Wyre Dock, Fleetwood (Ralph S. Dugdall, manager).
17.5.1941: Sold to E. G. Wright, 75 Poulton Road, Fleetwood.
29.5.1946: In thick fog about 16 miles NNE of Bar Light Vessel run down by Liverpool tug CARLGARTH (179grt/1922) on passage Liverpool – Barrow. Vessel quickly foundered with only one survivor, Nicholas Grundy, Shakespeare Road, Fleetwood.
26.6.1946: Milford registry closed.
(Lost – Sk Lesie Hall; Thomas Wright, mate & Thomas Blundell Wright, deckhand, all Fleetwood)

The Times, Thursday, May 30, 1946
News in Brief
fishing smack rammed
When the tug CARLGARTH, of Liverpool, rammed and sank the Fleetwood fishing smack VICTORIA II in the Irish Sea, about 16 miles N.N.E. of Liverpool, early yesterday, only one member of the fishing boat crew, Nicholas Grundy, of Shakespeare Road, Fleetwood, was saved. Captain Leslie Hall, master of the vessel, Thomas Wright, and Thomas Blundell Wright, all of Fleetwood, are missing. The tug was on its way to Barrow-in-Furness to assist at the launching of the HINEMOA, the first passenger liner to be built in this country for the Dominions since 1939.

s.v. Talisman FD76

Additional information courtesy of Birgir Þórisson and Christine Simm


Official Number: 75162
Completed: 1866
Gross Tonnage: 76
Net Tonnage: 49
In Iceland: Measured 49g
Rig: Cutter – trawling
Built: ??, Brixham
Engine: 40ha “Hein” kerosene engine


1876: Completed by ??, Brixham as Talisman for Mrs Hannah Thompson Tyrer, Charles T. Adams, Elizabeth Edwards and Joseph Perrett, Brixham. Registered at Dartmouth (DH200).
1.1.1883: Owned by Frederick George Perrett, Brixham.
2.7.1885: At Paignton Petty Sessions, fisherman apprentice William Blackler was charged with assaulting and disobeying the master and owner Frederick G. Perrett while engaged in the North Sea fishery. The defendant had been disobedient, refusing to take in sail when ordered and destroyed clothing, threatening to give the skipper a “hiding”. With lack of corroborating evidence the case was dismissed with a caution.
21.10.1885: Off Berry Head dismasted. Picked up by sailing trawler PETO (DH923 later BM923) and delivered safely to Brixham.
23.2.1887: Arrived Brixham along with sailing trawler MYSTERY (?) and reported loss of all fishing gear caused by coming fast on a wreck.
By 27.4.1887: Sailed Brixham for North Sea fishing.
9.1890: Sold to Walter Moody Kelly, Fleetwood.
26.9.1890: Brixham registry closed.
1.10.1890: Registered at Fleetwood (FD76).
6.5.1898: Sold to Jón Jörgen Christen Havsteen, Akureyri, Iceland. 1893: Fleetwood registry closed. Used for hand lining with crew of 15-18 men.
1903: Registered at Akureyri as (EA23).
1917: Sold to Ásgeir Pétursson, shipowner, herring curer, and merchant, Akureyri.
24.03. 1922: Wrecked at Sauðanes, (Western fiords of Iceland) when bound to the south of Iceland for the seasonal cod fishery. Eight out of a crew of sixteen got ashore, but four of them died of exposure before reaching shelter at Flateyri in Önundarfjörður. Akureyri. Registry closed.

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s.v. Talisman FD76

s.v. Talisman FD76
Following Corsair, picture courtesy of Alan Hirst

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s.v. Petrel FD59

Additional information courtesy of Christine Simm

Official Number: 21483
Completed: 1866
Net Tonnage: 25
Rig: Cutter-trawling
Built: ??, Ringsend, Dublin


1866: Completed by ??, Ringsend, Dublin as PETREL.
1867: Registered at Galway, Co. Galway.
1.1.1870: Owned by Thomas Glover, Manchester.
By 1875: Registered at Fleetwood (FD59).
4.11.1875: At Whitehaven in company with AMETHYST (FD107), CONFIDENCE (FD121) and SPRAY (LR??). Attempted to leave harbour. Informed by Mr Dawson, collector of dues, that they could not leave until harbour dues paid. As they refused to pay the harbour tug was moored across the entrance to prevent them leaving. CONFIDENCE and PETREL skippers decided to pay, but AMETHYST and SPRAY continued their attempt to leave, one of the crew of SPRAY cut the tug’s head ropes and AMETHYST fell foul of the tug, smashing her boat. AMETHYST and SPRAY boarded by harbour master and mainsails confiscated.
6.11.1875: Skippers attended at the office of the solicitors to the Harbour Trustees and consented to pay all dues, damages and costs. Sails returned and allowed to sail.
20.9.1876: With very little wind, sailed Fleetwood about 12.30am for the fishing grounds (Sk. John Bond): crew Thomas Bond, James Rimmer and John Wright. At about 5.30am, when off Piel, the wind dropped away and likely to drift on to Piel Island. To prevent this the skipper and James Rimmer set about casting out the anchor. Just as it was going over the stock caught the skipper and carried him overboard. He did not rise and the crew thought he must have been injured severely. The anchor was immediately weighed but there was no trace of the skipper. On arrival at Fleetwood later in the morning, made known his loss to the owner and his relatives. He leaves a wife and one child.
1881: Census at Fleetwood – John Roskell (37), b-Fleetwood, fisherman; Joseph Wolf (37), b-Blackpool, fisherman; Thomas Gregg (42), b-Liverpool, fisherman; William Gregg (14), b-Liverpool, cook.
By 1.1883: Owned by Nicholas Leadbetter, Fleetwood.
24.10.1887: Sold to Nicholas Leadbetter, Fleetwood & others.
9.2.1888: Reported that with easterly winds prevailing the Fleetwood fleet had been fishing the Cumberland Coast and Duddon Channel, near Walney Island. Owing to the bottom being hard and rocky, lost all the fishing gear.
14.3.1888: A football match was held between the Fleetwood Grocers and Publicans to raise funds to be devoted to the aid of William Hudson who was injured onboard a while ago.
11.10.1889: Thomas Bond (17), son of John Bond who drowned in 1876, a fitters labourer and working on the L&Y Railway paddle steamer PRINCESS OF WALES (1023grt/1870), was found dead lying in the mud between the ship and the jetty. It is assumed that he fell off the gangway which was only a plank, suffered injuries when hitting the sponson, landing in the mud and shallow water and was unable to call for assistance.
22.10.1889: While at sea acting as a carrier and transferring from the smacks COMET (FD160) and PRINCE CHARLIE (FD157), the COMET ran foul of the PRINCE CHARLIE smashing her jigger boom.
22.10.1889: On afternoon tide, arrived Fleetwood with 270 baskets of various fish consisting of soles, ray, cod, gurnard, plaice, etc.. Prices soles 1s 6d per lb and plaice 2s 6d per score.
30.10.1889: At Fleetwood landed 50 baskets.
21/22.12.1894: A whole fleet of trawlers and cargoes were lost during the great storm over Europe. After a day of severe weather, in the early evening the NW wind strengthened and during the night in storm force conditions (100 – 120mph) driven ashore off Gynn, Blackpool. Skipper Richard Wright drowned. Other boats of the Fleetwood fleet lost that day. MAYFLOWER (FD8) foundered in the vicinity of Shell Wharf. Wreckage found at Norbreck. SURPRISE (FD15) foundered off Cumberland coast/ in Morecambe Bay. Crew lost.
1895: Fleetwood registry closed.

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s.v. Osprey FD52


Official Number: 9891
Completed: 1844
Gross Tonnage: 41
Net Tonnage: 25
Length: 64.9 ft
Breadth: 15.9 ft
Depth: 8.7 ft:
Rig: Cutter – trawling
Built: ??, Gosport


1844: Completed by ??, Gosport as OSPREY for John Berney Petre Esq, Warwick House, Westwick, Norfolk as a yacht.
1844: Registered at Portsmouth. In his will he had bequeathed the yacht to his good friend and one of his executors, Colonel James Duff, who unfortunately predeceased him.
1885: A Codicil in the Will designated his niece, Lady Mary Duff (Dawkins) Petre as the new owner.
1886: Sold to Penry Lloyd, Glanhenwyn, Glasbury, Radnorshire.
1889: Sold to George Ormerod, Southport.
1889: Sold to Charles W. Pater, 21 Victoria Street, Fleetwood.
8.3.1889: Registered at Fleetwood (FD52).
7.11.1890: In Force 8 NW gale returning to Fleetwood (Sk. James Fogg), observed the Wigtown owned schooner JEAN CAMPBELL (3169) (56n/1844) being driven towards the beach at Norbreck and in distress. With difficulty closed wreck and launched the boat manned by George Wilkinson, James Abram and George Greenall. On reaching the schooner, by now pounding in the surf, took onboard the three crew
members. Returning and when almost alongside boat was swamped and all thrown into water. The only survivor was George Wilkinson. Subsequently James Fogg and George Wilkinson awarded the RNLI Silver Medal for gallantry in attempting to save the crew of the JEAN CAMPBELL. A memorial in the form of a drinking fountain was set up in Euston Park.
16.10.1900: Sold to Richard Ashcroft & James William Fogg, Fleetwood.
21.3.1906: Sold to Richard Ashcroft, London Street, Fleetwood.
1914: Sold for demolition.
2.2.1914: Fleetwood registry closed.

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s.v. Margaret FD81


Official Number: 67132
Completed: 1872
Gross Tonnage: 45
Net Tonnage: 25
Rig: Cutter sloop rigged – trawling
Built: ??, Plymouth


1872: Completed by ??, Plymouth as MARGARET
1972: Registered at Fleetwood (FD81).
1.1.1875: Owned by William Leech, Fleetwood.
1.1.1880: Owned by William Wignall, Fleetwood.
24.12.1886: Sold to Mrs Margaret Hudson, 49 Warren Street, Fleetwood.
1896: Sold to James Armour, Fleetwood.
1897: Fleetwood registry closed “Vessel sold to Danish subjects (Iceland)”.

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