S.T. Donna Nook FD237


Official Number: 139209
Yard Number: 646
Completed: 1914
Gross Tonnage: 307
Net Tonnage: 150
Length: 132 ft
Breadth: 24 ft
Depth: 12.8 ft
Built: Cochrane & Son Ltd, Selby
Engine: 89hp T.3-cyl and boiler by Charles D. Holmes & Co Ltd, Hull


14.8.1915: Launched by Cochrane & Sons Ltd, Selby (Yd.No.646) for The Mount Steam Fishing Co Ltd, Fleetwood as DONNA NOOK.
27.1.1916: Completed. George E. J. Moody, Grimsby designated manager.
4.2.1916: Registered at Fleetwood (FD237).
2.1916: Requisitioned for war service as a minesweeper (1-12pdr, 1-3pdr HA & 1-7.5” A/S Howitzer) (Ad.No.1981).
26.9.1916: Re-registered at Fleetwood (FD237). Based Yarmouth.
By 12.3.1919: Returned to owner at Fleetwood.
04.11.1920: Picked up sixteen crew members of the Scarborough steam trawler MARY A. JOHNSON (SH91) which had been abandoned four days previously having struck a reef close to ‘Geirfuglasker’ rock, SE of Reykanes, Iceland.
05.11.1920: Landed survivors at Reykjavik.
1921: Top port landings – 701 tons.
1927: Sir George E. J. Moody, Grimsby designated manager.
22.6.1928: Typical landing at Fleetwood, Home Waters, 228 boxes.
193?: W. M. Kelly, Fleetwood designated manager.
Pre 4.1940: Employed on Fishery Protection (WA/Fort William/Fleetwood).
3.6.1940: Requisitioned for war service as an auxiliary patrol vessel (P.No.4.132) (Hire rate £86.19.8d/month). Based North Shields (Ty/Sk. J. Carter RNR).
8.1941: Fitted out as a minesweeper (P.No.FY.1559). Based Ipswich with M/S & Patrol Group 78.
25.9.1943: Under attack by E-boats off Shipwash, 12 miles east of Harwich (Acting Lt Cdr L. R. Green RNR). Foundered following collision with H.M.T. STELLA RIGEL (P.No.FY.657) (418g/1936) when manoeuvring to pick up survivors from H.M.T. FRANC TIREUR (P.No.FY.1560) (GY1041) torpedoed by E-boat (S.96); crew picked up by STELLA RIGEL. Fleetwood registry closed.

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S.T. Donna Nook FD237

S.T. Donna Nook FD237
Picture courtesy of The Jan Harteveld Collection

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