S.T. Braconvale FD80

Additional information courtesy of Göran Olsson


Official Number: 180344
Yard Number: 772
Completed: 1947
Gross Tonnage: 295
Net Tonnage: 116
Length: 129.6 ft
Breadth: 24.8 ft
Depth: 13.0 ft
Built: Cook, Welton & Gemmell, Beverley
Engine: 650IHP T.3-cyl by Charles D. Holmes & Co Ltd, Hull
Speed: 10.5 knots


6.12.1946: Launched by Cook, Welton & Gemmell Ltd, Beverley (Yd.No.772) for Association Rochelaise de Peche a Vapeur, La Rochelle as ARTOIS (LR4049).
27.1.1947: Completed.
1951: Sold to Grange Fishing Co Ltd, Fleetwood (Boston Deep Sea Fishing & Ice Co Ltd). Registered at Fleetwood as BRACONVALE (FD80).
1952: Sold to Don Fishing Co Ltd, Aberdeen (Boston Deep Sea Fishing & Ice Co Ltd). Fishing from Fleetwood.
30.5.1952: In fair weather, good visibility but rough seas, collided with Swedish wooden motor fishing vessel GULSKÄR (LL357) (74grt/1950) which was at anchor 32 miles NW of Muckle Flugga Lighthouse. Sustained no damage, GULSKÄR was struck midships on port side and damaged but able to return to Sweden for repair.
11.8.1955: Transferred to Grimsby.
19.12.1955: Sold to Findus Hammerfest, Hammerfest (Hammerfest Havfiske A/L, managers). Registered at Hammerfest as MASI (F-29-H).
Pre 1959: Sold to Hammerfest Havfiske A/L, Hammerfest (Leif Throne-Holst, manager).
1959: Lengthened to 153.8 feet 357g 125n.
1959: Converted for burning oil fuel, F.P. above 150° F.
Pre 1966: Delete manager.
1970: Sold to Anda Brodrene A/S, Stavanger for breaking up.
31.3.1970: Breaking up commenced at Stavanger.

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S.T. Artois LR4049

S.T. Artois LR4049
Picture courtesy of The Osta Collection

S.T. Braconvale FD80

S.T. Braconvale FD80
Picture courtesy of the JJ collection

S.T. Braconvale FD80 (As Masi)

S.T. Masi F29H
Picture courtesy of the JJ collection

S.T. Masi F29H

S.T. Masi F29H
Picture courtesy of Jonleif (TPF)

S.T. Masi F29H

S.T. Masi F29H
Picture courtesy of Frode

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