S.T. Crystal SH58

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Official Number: 105079
Yard Number: 151
Completed: 1895
Gross Tonnage: 149
Net Tonnage: 57
Length: 100.0 ft
Breadth: 20.8 ft
Depth: 11.0 ft
Built: Cook, Welton & Gemmell, Hull
Engine: T.3-cyl and boiler by C. D. Holmes & Co Ltd, Hull


20.11.1895: Launched by Cook, Welton & Gemmell, Hull (Yd.No.151) for Kingston Steam Trawling Co Ltd, Hull as CRYSTAL.
16.12.1895: Registered at Hull (H303).
16.12.1895: Completed trials and accepted (Lawrence Spring, manager).
1913: New boiler fitted.
1.1.1914: Tonnage altered to 62 net under provision of Merchant Shipping Act 1907.
28.1.1916: Fitted with new propeller.
29.5.1917: Requisitioned for Fishery Reserve.
10.10.1917: Arthur Taylor appointed manager.
7.7.1918: Skipper had to resort to chopping gear to escape from a German submarine. Claim for £105.14s. made under War Risk Insurance Policy.
5.11.1918: In River Humber off Grimsby in collision with steam trawler LYRIC (GY434). Sustained slight damage, LYRIC suffered damage to stem and bow plating.
12.11.1918: Arrived at Hull to land and repair.
1919: Released.
6.3.1919: Sold to George Altoft & William Boyd Hull for £9,250 including fishing gear (through W. A. Massey & Sons Ltd, Hull, shipbrokers commission £150).
21.3.1919: Sold to The Trident Steam Fishing Co Ltd, Hull (George A. Ledger, manager).
16.11.1929: Sold to George Henry Gibson & Charles Henry Mumby, Hull (George H. Gibson, manager).
31.1.1934: Sold to Joseph Catchpole & John Sheriff Ellis, Scarborough (Joseph Catchpole, manager).
30.1.1935: Sold to John S. Ellis & Co Ltd, Scarborough (Joseph Catchpole manager).
28.5.1935: Sold to Crystal Fishing Co Ltd Scarborough (Bob Robson & Fred Welch)(Joseph Catchpole manager).
31.5.1935: Hull registry closed.
13.6.1935: Registered at Scarborough (SH58).
22.7.1937: Sold to The Filey United Steam Trawling Co Ltd, Scarborough (Richard F. Cammish, manager).
22.2.1940: Fishing in North Sea (Sk.Thomas ‘Mickey” Scales), in company with AUCUBA (GY117), CARDEW (H157) and EMULATORr (SH83) attacked by German aircraft. Group returned fire and aircraft withdrew; no casualties.
14.10.1942: Sold to Boston Deep Sea Fishing & Ice Co Ltd, Fleetwood (Basil A. Parkes, manager).
26.6.1943: On a North Sea trip (Hull crew). Foundered off Yorkshire Coast after detonating a German laid mine (position not confirmed at present*).
27.6.1943: Destroyer HMS VIVACIOUS (P.No. D36) on East Coast patrol and escort duties picked up all 10 crew and landed them at Immingham.
16.9.1943: Scarborough registry closed “destroyed by mine explosion”.

(* 27.6.1943: Message from HMS Vivacious. Reported lost 0.25°, 12miles from 18A buoy in position 54.1439N 00.0918W.
Minesweeping Summary No.193 – Reported lost in position 54.2330N 00.0030E
Trade Division List of Losses 1943 – Reported lost 12miles off Scarborough)
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S.T. Crystal H303

S.T. Crystal H303>br />Picture from the Internet

S.T. Crystal SH58

S.T. Crystal SH58
Picture from The Barry Banham Maritime Photo Collection courtesy of The George Scales Collection

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