S.T. Gothic FD140


Official Number: 105913
Yard Number: 505
Completed: 1895
Gross Tonnage: 153
Net Tonnage: 33
Length: 105.8 ft
Breadth: 20.6 ft
Depth: 11 ft
Built: Edwards Bros, North Shields
Engine: T.3-cyl and boiler by N. E. Marine Engineering Co Ltd, Sunderland


3.10.1895: Launched by Edwards Bros, North Shields (Yd.No.505) for John Kelsall, Manchester as GOTHIC.
31.10.1895: Registered at Fleetwood (FD140).
11.1895: Completed (John E. A. Kelsall, Fleetwood, manager).
1897: Sold to Kelsall Brothers & Beeching Ltd, Manchester (John E. A. Kelsall & George Beeching, Fleetwood, managers).
1899: Transferred to Hull .
30.3.1899: Registered at Hull (H67).
12.5.1899: Fleetwood registry closed.
1.10.1905: In heavy weather in North Sea, transferring boxes to cutter JACKDAW (H727), H. Brewster (26), Bosun, fell between boat and ship and was swept away and drowned.
25.1.1910: On a North Sea trip (Sk. Nicholson), nine crew. In early hours in storm force conditions, and blizzard, lost wheelhouse, funnel and boat. Burnt bedding etc to attract attention. Steam trawler OLDHAM (GY538) (Sk. Marshall) responded and took off four crew before boat was smashed. Stood by overnight.
26.1.1910: In early morning managed to get a line onboard and remaining five crew rescued but Robert Beech (61) cook/steward dead on recovery. Foundered soon afterwards.
27.1.1910: Survivors landed at Grimsby.
12.2.1910: Hull registry closed “Ship foundered in North Sea on 26th January 1910”.

(Richard James Hart who with Edward Downs manned the Oldham’s boat in the rescue of four crew members was awarded BoT Bronze Medal for Gallantry at Sea for his part in the rescue.)

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S.T. Gothic FD140

S.T. Gothic FD140
Picture courtesy of The Alan Hirst Collection

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