S.T. Loughrigg FD148


Admiralty Number: 3839
Official Number: 148228
Yard Number: 846
Completed: 1918
Gross Tonnage: 324
Net Tonnage: 3839
Length: 148 ft
Breadth: 23.7 ft
Depth: 12.8 ft
Built: Cochrane & Sons, Selby
Engine: 600ihp T.3-cyl by C. D. Holmes & Co Ltd, Hull


1918: Launched by Cochrane & Sons Ltd, Selby (Yd.No.846) (“Mersey” class) for The Admiralty as SAMUEL JAMESON (Ad.No.3839).
20.9.1918: Completed (1-12pdr and W/T).
10.10.1918: Accepted.
9.1920: Re-commissioned as HMS ETTRICK (1-12pdr). Fishery Protection duties. Based Falmouth.
1926: Sold to Sam Robford & Co Ltd, London.
12.3.1927: Registered at Fleetwood as LOUGHRIGG (FD148) (Keith R. Hoare, London, manager).
27.2.1928: Sailed Fleetwood for St. Kilda with mails (11 bags). Could not locate island due to dense fog, eventually anchored in Village Bay and islanders came out. Very short of flour and other provisions.
8.3.1928: Returned Fleetwood, coaled and took on provisions.
9.3.1928: Sailed Fleetwood for St. Kilda.
1929: Sold to The Clifton Steam Trawlers Ltd, Fleetwood (William W. Brierley, manager), managers).
21.8.1929: Registered at Fleetwood as PHYLLISIA (FD148).
27.3.1930: Sold to New Docks Steam Trawling Co (Fleetwood) Ltd, Fleetwood (William W. Brierley, manager).
27.1.1936: On an Icelandic trip, sustained damage to port side when in collision with Grimsby trawler ITONIAN (GY108).
17.7.1939: Sold to The Clifton Steam Trawlers Ltd, Fleetwood.
7.4.1936: At Fleetwood landed 900 boxes from a three week White Sea trip.
12.11.1939: When homeward off St Kilda, at 4.42pm. closed by U-boat (U.41) which had onboard survivors from steam trawler CRESSWELL (M129) which she had shelled and sunk earlier in the day 18 miles NW by N of the Flannan Islands (approx 58.39N 07.36W). Took onboard survivors, seven in number.
14.11.1939: Landed at Fleetwood.
4.12.1939: Requisitioned for war service as a boom defence vessel (P.No. Z144) (Hire rate £97.4.0d/month). Cost of conversion £17,984. South Atlantic Command.
16.11.1942: Transferred to West Africa Command. Based at Freetown, Sierra Leone.
8.10.1943: On loan to Portugese Government (P.No.B1).
23.11.1943: Compulsorily acquired by M.O.W.T. Remaining on loan to Portugese Government.
17.1.1944: Fleetwood registry closed.
19.8.1945: Returned to M.O.W.T. Based at Plymouth (W. Tamlyn Ltd, Plymouth, agents).
6.1946: Surveyed and restored at Plymouth at estimated cost of £8,730.
7.1946: Sold to East Fisheries Ltd, Cape Town. Registered at Cape Town (CTA126).
7.9.1952: Sold to South African Navy. Stripped of all useable parts and non-ferrous metals and used as a target. Subsequently scuttled off Robin Island.

(Samuel Jameson, OS (prest), age 21, b. King’s Lynn, Norfolk – VICTORY (SB439)

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S.T. Loughrigg FD148

S.T. Loughrigg FD148
Picture courtesy of The Fred Baker Collection

S.T. Phyllisia FD148

S.T. Phyllisia FD148
Picture courtesy of The Fred Baker Collection

S.T. Phyllisia CTA121

S.T. Phyllisia CTA121
Picture courtesy of www.trawlerheritage.co.za

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