S.T. Pretoria FD212


Official Number: 113070
Yard Number: 336
Completed: 1900
Gross Tonnage: 159
Net Tonnage: 61
Length: 103.3 ft
Breadth: 20.6 ft
Depth: 11.3 ft
Engine: T.3-cyl by Hall, Russell & Co Ltd, Aberdeen
Built: Hall, Russell & Co Ltd, Aberdeen


26.6.1900: Launched by Hall, Russell & Co Ltd, Aberdeen (Yd.No.336) for The Irvin Steam Fishing Co Ltd, North Shields as PRETORIA.
25.7.1900: Registered at North Shields.(SN245).
7.1900: Completed (Richard Irvin, manager).
1908: Sold to Richard Irvin & Sons Ltd, North Shields (Richard Irvin, North Shields & John H. Irvin, Aberdeen, managers).
29.5.1917: Requisitioned for Fishery Reserve. Armed.
7.7.1917: Sold to Ernest Taylor, Fleetwood (managing owner).
1919: Released.
6.1919: Sold to Arthur Jonckheere, London (Joseph A. Taylor, Fleetwood, manager).
30.6.1919: North Shields registry closed.
3.7.1919: Registered at Fleetwood (FD212).
1923: Sold to Alexander A. Davidson, Aberdeen (managing owner).
29.1.1923: Fleetwood registry closed.
22.2.1923: Registered at Aberdeen (A941).
4.2.1936: Sailed Aberdeen at 11.00 a.m for the fishing grounds (Sk. William W. Scarborough); eight crew.
5.2.1936: At 4.40 a.m. stopped in position Buchan Ness bearing NW by N five to six miles hauling gear. Skipper on deck assisting no one in wheelhouse. Observed vessel approaching, realised collision was imminent. Despite crew shouting, vessel was struck by GEORGETTE (A352) (Sk. John C. Summers) in after part of port bunker and again at port after gallows. Taking in water, crew abandoned in boat and stood off. Some 40 minutes later vessel foundered. Picked up by GEORGETTE and landed Aberdeen at 9.00 a.m.
10.2.1936: Aberdeen registry closed “Total loss 5.2.1936”.
3.4.1936: BoT formal investigation (No.S.378) at Sheriff Court, Aberdeen found Sk. John S. Summers (GEORGETTE) in grave default and suspended his ticket for 12 months for failing to set a proper look-out when handing over the watch; John C. Spence, 2nd Hand (GEORGETTE) in default, severely censured and ordered to pay £10 costs for leaving the bridge without informing the skipper or being properly relieved. Sk. William W. Scarborough was also found in default, severely censured and ordered to pay £15 costs for failing to sound his whistle and manoeuvre his engine in sufficient time to avoid a collision.
(Wreck lies 6 miles SE by S of Buchan Ness Light.)

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