S.T. Thrifty FD201

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Official Number: 149228
Yard Number: 999
Completed: 1916
Gross tonnage 138
Net Tonnage: 44
Length : 99.7 ft
Beam : 20.4 ft
Depth : 9.5 ft
Built: Gebrs Boot Schps “de Hoop”, Leiderdorp
Engine: T.3-cyl by NV Burgerhouts M & S, Rotterdam

1916 Completed by Gebrs Boot Schps “de Hoop”, Leiderdorp (Yd.No.999) for De Witte Ster, IJmuiden as BALTIC. Registered at IJmuiden (IJM255).
1920: Sold to Société Anonyme Pêcheries à Vapeur “Zeester”, Ostend. IJmuiden registry closed. Registered at Ostend as FERNANDE (O214).
1925: Sold to Union des Pêcheries Maritimes S.A., Fécamp (Roger Peltier, manager). Ostend registry closed. Registered at Fécamp (F??).
1928: Sold to Limburgia-Visscherij Maatschappy, IJmuiden. Ostend registry closed. Registered at IJmuiden as LIMBURGIA (IJM54).
1929: Sold to S. Allerton, R. Read & Fred Spashett, Lowestoft.
1929: Re measured 100.4 x 20.5 x9.8 feet – 139g 68n.
2.1930: IJmuiden registry closed.
27.2.1930: Registered at Lowestoft as THRIFTY (LT152).
1930s: Seasonal fishing from Padstow, Milford and Fleetwood (Alex Keay managing agent).
8.6.1930: On fishing grounds disabled with propeller fouled by fishing gear. Picked up by steam trawler DIANA (LO31) and delivered Douglas, IoM.
18.9.1933: At Fleetwood landed a 4 stone sturgeon in excellent condition, bought by Messrs Topham & Chadwick. Offered to the King and sent by rail to London for delivery to Buckingham Palace.
13.1.1934: Suffered broken propeller off Fleetwood.
16.7.1935: Disabled. Drifter/trawler AMALIA (LT241) connected and delivered Fleetwood.
18.12.1936: At Ramsgate with damaged propeller shaft.
11.4.1937: Suffered machinery damage in Morecambe Bay. Engineer awarded £3gns and fireman, £2gns for bringing vessel into port without assistance.
1.7.1938: Connected to steam drifter/trawler AMALIA (LT241) disabled with broken tailshaft and delivered
12.1939: Requisitioned for war service as a minesweeping drifter (P.No.FY.1523) (Hire rate £33.10.0d/month).
6.1941: Based Portland (Ty/Sk. G. Corney RNR).
3.1944: Employed on miscellaneous Naval duties.
1.1944: Sold to Small & Co Ltd, Lowestoft.
4.1946: Returned to owner.
10.4.1946: Sold to Kittiwake Ltd, Lowestoft (R.H. Self, manager).
4.7.1947: In North Sea suffered boiler damage. Drifter/trawler NEVES (LT246) connected and delivered
22.11.1948: Damaged in collision with drifter/trawler STERNUS (LT238).
23.11.1948: Struck sunken block ship at West Entrance to Dover Harbour. Towed off by local motor boat with Dover lifeboat SOUTHERN AFRICA standing by.
28.11.1949: Disabled. Drifter/trawler TRIER (LT158) connected and delivered Lowestoft.
1956: Converted to motor and fitted with 4 stroke 3-cyl oil engine 300bhp by A. K. Diesels Ltd, Lowestoft
(engine made 1955).
1960: Sold to Alvis Trawlers Ltd, Fleetwood. Lowestoft registry closed. Registered at Fleetwood (FD201).
1966: Laid up at Ramsey, IoM.
3.1967: Company and vessel sold to Sk. Bert Andrews and Catherine Andrews, Fleetwood (with White Fish Authority loan). Registered at Fleetwood as CATHERINE SHAUN (FD201) after extensive refurbishment. First trip lasted 44 days with constant breakdowns and bad weather.
Early 1968: Transferred to fish out of Lowestoft. Involved in a collision with Lowestoft motor trawler SUTTON QUEEN (LT302).
21.6.1968: At Lowestoft for work by LBS Engineering Ltd and AK Diesels Ltd. Struck concrete steps in Fish Dock at Lowestoft. Attended by Caister Lifeboat to take off injured crewman. Off The Lizard started to take in
water, pump inoperative due to mechanical problem. Towed to Falmouth and beached. Repaired and sailed for
Fleetwood. Laid up.
1968: Surrendered to White Fish Authority and offered for sale.
1969: Sold to W. H. Kerr Ltd, Milford Haven.
5.5.1969: Sailed Fleetwood for Castle Pill, Milford Haven in tow of motor trawler DAWN WATERS (LT90).
6.5.1969: Arrived Milford from Fleetwood. Engine removed and vessel stripped of usable parts.
1970: Sold to Thos. W. Ward Ltd, Sheffield for breaking up at Castle Pill, Milford Haven. Fleetwood registry closed.

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S.D. Thrifty LT152

S.D. Thrifty LT152
Picture courtesy of The Mike Thompson Collection

S.D/T. Thrifty LT152

S.D/T. Thrifty LT152
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HMT Thrifty

HMT Thrifty
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S.T. Thrifty LT152

S.T. Thrifty LT152
Picture courtesy of the Billy Worrall collection

S.T Thrifty FD201

S.T Thrifty FD201
Picture courtesy of Hull Trawlers

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