s.v. Acceptor FD45

Additional material by Ian Wilson


Official Number: 29810
Completed: 1861
Gross Tonnage: 49
Net Tonnage: 49
Length: 71.2
Breadth: 18.1
Depth: 8.5 feet
Rig: Dandy
Built: Smith & Stephenson, Grimsby


11.1861: Completed by Smith & Stephenson, Grimsby for Robert Roberts, 12 Worsley Buildings, Grimsby (R. Turner, skipper). Registered at Grimsby (GY98).
3.1869: Re-registered at Grimsby (GY72).
1870: Rebuilt.
11.1883: Sold to Joseph E. Horne, 20 Stanley Street, New Clee (P. Carter, skipper).
3.1888: Sold to F. W. Moody, Grimsby (G. Beacher, skipper).
10.1988: Sold to Charles H. Saunby, 32 Victoria Street, Fleetwood (managing owner). Grimsby registry closed. Registered on the Shipping Register at Fleetwood (FD45). Employed as a trading ketch.
1.1.1892: Owned by John D. Gibson, Fleetwood (managing owner).
1894: Sold to Mrs Mary J. Conley, Belfast.
1.1.1895: Owned by Alexander Hull, 34 Nelson Street, Belfast (managing owner).
6.1899: Wrecked Bunbeg River, Co. Donegal (J. Bailie, Master) having loaded bog ore at Bunbeg for Port Dundas. Master and two crew rescued.
1899: Fleetwood registry closed.

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