s.v. Primrose FD234


Official Number: 120060
Completed: 1904
Gross Tonnage: 51
Net Tonnage: 39
Length: 66.1 ft
Breadth: 18.4 ft
Depth: 8.9 ft
Rig: Ketch – trawling
Built: S. J. Dewdney, Brixham


25.11.1904: Completed by S. J. Dewdney, Brixham for Stephen Parsons, Mount Pleasant Road, Brixham as PRIMROSE. Registered at Brixham (BM235).
17.1.1912: Sold to George Tyrer, Berry Head Road, Brixham & Florence Decent, Brixham (George Tyrer, managing owner).
1915: Sold to ??, Fleetwood.
14.10.1915: Registered at Fleetwood (FD234).
16.10.1915: Brixham registry closed.
1917: Sold to Thomas Wrigley, Thornlea Road, Quickedge, Yorkshire.
6.7.1917: Fleetwood registry closed. Transferred to Douglas, IoM. Registered at Douglas (DO75).
1919: Sold to Richard Ashcroft, Devon House, Blakiston Street East, Fleetwood.
1920: Sold to A. J. Turner, Lowestoft.
2.1920: Douglas registry closed.
20.2.1920: Registered at Lowestoft (LT779).
1920: Sold to J. F. Goffin, Lowestoft. Renamed BONA FIDE (LT778).
1922: Sold to John Croft, 88 Poulton Street, Fleetwood.
1926: Re-measured 50.18g 33.83n.
4.1926: Converted to auxiliary motor – 4-cyl 55bhp Gleniffer by Gleniffer Engines Ltd, Anniesland, Glasgow.
30.4.1926: Re-registered as auxiliary motor.
6.1926: Sold to John C. Croft, 88 Poulton Street, John Wright, 36 Burns Road & Richard Wright, 15 Milton Street Fleetwood and Ann Smith, Blue Anchor Hotel, Bretherton.
23.6.1926: Lowestoft registry closed.
12.7.1926: Registered at Fleetwood (FD93).
1931: Sold for demolition.
12.6.1931: Fleetwood registry closed.
Note: Not in MNL 1927 or 1929.

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