s.v. Prince Charlie FD151

Additional information courtesy of Geoff Davidson


Official Number: 68625
Completed: 1873
Net Tonnage: 24
Rig: Smack
Built: ?? Fleetwood


1873: Completed by ??. Fleetwood for Richard Leadbetter, Fleetwood as PRINCE CHARLIE.
1873: Registered at Fleetwood (FD157).
1874: Sold to Philip Turner, Fleetwood.
1876: Sold to Charles W. Pater, Fleetwood.
By 1.1.1880: Sold to Richard Leadbetter, Fleetwood.
1881: Census at Fleetwood – Henry Leadbetter (27), b-Fleetwood, skipper; Isaac Leadbetter (25), b-Fleetwood, fisherman; William Wright (25), b-Fleetwood, fisherman; Nathan Cowell (25), b-Fleetwood, fisherman.
18.11.1892: Returning to Fleetwood from a trip, five hands all told, in thick fog ran into Barrow registered iron steamer GALGORM CASTLE (181grt/1879) which had been at anchor near the Wyre Light. Crew taken off onto the steamer but line to smack cut and drifted off towards Morecambe Bay Light vessel and subsequently foundered 13 miles away.
12.1893: Fleetwood registry closed.
1894: Owners and others brought a case in the Admiralty Division of the High Court against the owners of the GALGORM CASTLE, claiming £750 for loss of the smack, fish and effects. It was stated that the master of the steamer, which suffered no damage in the collision, would give no assistance to tow the smack to Fleetwood and cut the line causing the smack to drift away and subsequently founder. The judge found in favour of the defendant with costs, attributing the collision to the improper speed of the Prince Charlie considering the weather conditions.

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