S.D/T. Pêcheur LT228 (Seasonal)

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Official Number: 136596
Yard Number: 407
Completed: 1914
Gross Tonnage: 99
Net Tonnage: 42
Length: 86.2 ft
Breadth: 18.6 ft
Depth: 9.95 ft
Engine: T.3-cyl and boiler by Elliott & Garrood Ltd, Beccles
Built: John Duthie Torry Shipbuilding Co, Aberdeen


1914: Launched by John Duthie Torry Shipbuilding Co, Aberdeen (Yd.No.407) for Arthur Gouldby , Kessingland (16/64); Frank Burton, Lowestoft (16/64); William Garrood, Oulton Broad (16/64); Walter Albert Wood Greaves, Lowestoft (16/64) as HOLLYDALE.
12.10.1914: Registered at Lowestoft (LT437).
14.10.1914: Completed trials and accepted (Arthur Gouldby, manager).
9.1915: Requisitioned for war service as an A/S net drifter (1-6pdr HA) (Ad.No.1873).
18.11.1918: Sold to James Johnson, Scarborough.
12.12.1918: Lowestoft registry closed.
12.12.1918: Registered at Scarborough (SH354).
1920: Returned to owner.
9.1920: Scarborough registry closed.
24.9.1920: Registered at Lowestoft (LT1204)
19.2.1925: Sold to John Stephen, Cairnbulg, Aberdeenshire.
28.2.1925: Lowestoft registry closed.
29.2.1925: Registered at Fraserburgh (FR86).
1.1931: Sold to Edmund Thomas Capps, Lowestoft for £2,000. Fraserburgh registry closed.
5.1.1931: Registered at Lowestoft (LT228).
31.12.1931: Registered at Lowestoft as PÊCHEUR (LT228).
1936/37: Seasonal white fish trawling from Fleetwood (Alex Keay, managing agent).
9.3.1937: Sold to E. T. Capps & Sons Ltd, Lowestoft (Edmund Thomas Capps, manager).
17.3.1937: Landed at Fleetwood 69 boxes grossed £100.
30.10.1939: Requisitioned for war service as a boom drifter (P.No.Z164)(Hire rate £27.0.0d/month).
29.6.1945: Returned to Lowestoft.
17.7.1945: Returned to owner.
17.10.1945: At Lowestoft landed 70 crans of herring.
22.6.1948: In collision with steam drifter MARSHAL PAK (LT200).
12.10.1954: At Lowestoft landed 226 crans.
1956: Sold to Jacques Bakker en Zonen, Bruges for breaking up.
15.5.1956: Arrived Bruges.
23.5.1956: Lowestoft registry closed.

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S.D/T Pêcheur LT228

S.D/T Pêcheur LT228
Picture courtesy The Barry Banham Maritime Photo Collection


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