S.D/T. Feasible LT122 (Seasonal)

Additional material by Barry Banham, Raymond Forward and Andreas Hagevik

Official Number: 132963
Yard Number: 373
Completed: 1912
Gross Tonnage: 103
Net Tonnage: 46
Length: 86.0 ft
Breadth: 18.6 ft
Depth: 9.1 ft
Engine: T.3-cyl and boiler by Elliott & Garrood, Beccles
Built: John Duthie Torry Shipbuilding Co, Aberdeen


1912: Launched by John Duthie Torry Shipbuilding Co, Aberdeen (Yd.No.373) for William Catchpole, Kessingland as FEASIBLE.
5.1912: Completed ex propulsion machinery. William Catchpole managing owner.
2.6.1912: Registered at Lowestoft (LT1191).
3.6.1912: Arrived Lowestoft in tow for engine and boiler installation.
27.6.1912: William Catchpole (64/64) appointed managing owner.
9.1914: Requisitioned for war service as a patrol drifter and escort (1-6pdr HA) (Ad.No.221).
13.11.1914: Parent ship ATTENTIVE at Dover (Unit 3).
7.1915: W/T fitted.
1.4.1916: Collision between British steamer MACEDONIA (11,120grt/1904) and Norwegian steamer CORRECT off Elbow Buoy. Connected to Correct and commenced tow, but vessel began to settle, tow parted and foundered.
28.8.1916: Sold to Edward Catchpole (16/64), John Utting (16/64), Charles William Dance Jnr (16/64) & Henry Baxter (16/64), Lowestoft.
24.11.1917: At dawn discovered U.boat (U48) aground on Goodwin Sands. Closed and with other drifters opened fire which was returned. U.boat surrendered.
1919: Returned (Edward Catchpole, manager).
14.11.1919: Sold to Robert Kinnear (64/64), Doncaster (Thomas W. Chapman, Ramsgate, manager)
1.1920: Sold to Danum Steam Trawling Co Ltd, Ramsgate (Thomas W. Chapman, manager).
6.2.1920: Lowestoft registry closed.
10.2.1920: Registered at Ramsgate (R157).
11.11.1920: Reported that off North Hinder light-vessel connected to the abandoned German ketch STELLA, cargo pitch. Towed for four hours but vessel started to settle and foundered.
10.1.1930: Sold to John Victor Breach (64/64), Lowestoft.
9.1.1930: Ramsgate registry closed.
10.1.1930: Registered at Lowestoft (LT122).
11.1.1930: John Victor Breech appointed managing owner.
1.2.1930: Sold to John Victor Breach (43/64). Lowestoft & James S. Bush (21/64), Gorleston.
1.2.1930: At Yarmouth landed 180 crans of herring.
1930s: Seasonal white fish trawling from Padstow and Fleetwood.
31.10.1930: Damaged in collision with Cardiff steamer PENCISELY (3589grt/1916) at IJmuiden.
23.7.1932: Connected to disabled steam drifter STRIVE (LT133) and delivered Fleetwood.
6.8.1933: Broke mainmast at Tobermory.
21.3.1934: Sold to John Victor Breach (43/64), Lowestoft & Alfred James Manthorpe (21/64), Gorleston.
6.5.1934: Stuck and damaged by steam drifter BOY PHILIP (LT137), at Rathmullan, Co. Donegal.
30.7.1935: Sold to John Victor Breach (64/64), Lowestoft.
6.8.1935: John Victor Breech appointed managing owner.
5.1.1936: Damaged and flooded by heavy seas off the Smalls. One crew member Edward Halliday (25), of Lowestoft washed overboard and drowned. Steam trawler GOZO (H545) connected and delivered Milford.
8.2.1938: Sold to Explorator Ltd (64/64), Lowestoft.
9.2.1938: John Victor Breech appointed manager.
12.11.1939: Requisitioned for war service as a minesweeping drifter (P.No.FY928) (Hire rate £27.0.0d/month). Based Dover.
26.5.1940: At 6.57pm. ‘Operation Dynamo’ (Dunkirk evacuation) put into effect.
31.5.1940: Disabled by gunfire off Dunkirk. Steam drifter BEN & LUCY (LT714) connected.
1.6.1940: Delivered off Ramsgate.
1941: At Gt. Yarmouth (Sk. C. C. Findlay RNR).
1.7.1941: At Gt. Yarmouth (Sk. R. W. Vann RNR).
1.1944: John Victor Breach died.
9.4.1945: Robert Henry Self appointed manager.
19.5.1945: Sold to Pevensey Castle Ltd (64/64), Lowestoft.
17.7.1945: Arrived Lowestoft.
18.7.1945: Sailed for ?? for refurbishment and survey.
21.8.1945: Returned to owner.
24.5.1946: Sold to Engelbert Einarson, Vedavogen, Karmøy.
17.6.1946: Lowestoft registry closed.
22.6.1946: Registered at Haugesund as MELÖY.
1946: Sailed for Karmøy, in company with ROSE. In North Sea, ROSE experienced boiler problems and became disabled. Connected and delivered to Karmøy.
1947: Re-engined with a 3-cyl 2 stroke 220bhp hot bulb oil engine by Brumville, Norway. Converted to dry cargo and remeasured 99grt.
1962: Sold to Rothings Lekterkompani, Haugesund.
1974: Sold to PR Gunnar Daemring & Georg Vik. Based at Stamnes in Hordaland.
1976: Sold to Normann Veland, Eigangervag.
05.1989: Sold to Norvald Lunde, Stamnes.
200?: Laid up in Veafjord, Norway.
2000: Sold to private owners (Arctic Shipping, Cowes (?)) for restoration and live aboard.
5.2000: Re engined by Penzance Dry-Dock & Engineering Co Ltd, Penzance with 8-cyl 4 stroke 280bhp diesel by Rolls-Royce Ltd, Shrewsbury.
1.2008: At Penzance. Registered at Lowestoft as Feasible.
2019: At Lelant Saltings on the Hayle estuary

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S.D/T. Feasible LT1191

S.D/T. Feasible LT1191
Picture courtesy The Barry Banham Maritime Photo Collection

S.D/T. Melöy LT122

S.D/T. Feasible LT122
At Penzance 2007. © Treeve picturepenzance.co.uk

S.D/T. Feasible LH122

S.D/T. Feasible LH122

S.D/T. Feasible LT122

S.D/T. Feasible LT122
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S. D/T. Feasible LT122

S. D/T. Feasible LT122
Picture courtesy of Karel Oosterom

M.V. Feasible

M.V. Feasible
Picture courtesy of Trevor Snowling

S.D/T. Feasible LT122

S.D/T. Feasible LT122
Picture courtesy of Ashley Gardiner

At Dunkirk

S.D/T. Feasible LT122

S.D/T. Feasible LT122
Image courtesy of The Roger Lowry Collection

At Lelant Saltings

S.D/T. Feasible LT122

S.D/T. Feasible LT122
Image courtesy of The Roger Lowry Collection

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