s.v. Dotterel FD5

Additional information courtesy of Christine Simm


Official Number: 62951
Completed: 1885
Net Tonnage: 36
Length: 55 ft
Rig: Smack- trawling
Built: Robert Wright, Freckleton


28.1.1869: At 11.00 am, launched by Robert Wright, Freckleton for William (“Owd Billy”) Leadbetter and Thomas Leadbetter (his son), Fleetwood as Dotterel.
13.2.1869: Appropriated.
13.2.1869: Registered at Fleetwood (FD5).
1.1.1875: Owned by William Leadbetter, Fleetwood.
24.9.1879: Fishing off the Cumberland coast (Sk. William Leadbetter). At about 9.30am when some 9 miles off the Duddon Buoy, observed a body floating in the water. Hove to and launched boat, succeeded in recovering the body, identified as that of James Scott (33) washed off the smack SYREN (FD30) while trawling to the north of the Barrow Ironworks three weeks previously. The body was left in the boat and towed back to Fleetwood arriving at about 6.30pm.
25.9.1879: At the inquest held in the Crown Hotel, Fleetwood a verdict of “Accidentally drowned” was recorded. The jury expressed a strong opinion that the body, having been immersed in water for three weeks, should have been taken to the mortuary and not taken to the home of the deceased.
1881: Census at Fleetwood – William Leadbetter (37), b-North Meols, master fisherman; Robert Wilson (65), b-North Meols, mate; William Baxter (39), b-North Meols, fisherman; James Middleton, b-Stafford, fisherman; Richard Rimmer (14), b-Fleetwood, cook.
1885: Owned by Thomas Leadbetter (43/64) and Sk. William Leadbetter (21/64), Fleetwood.
7.10.1885: Sailed on the morning tide from Fleetwood for the fishing grounds (Sk. William Leadbetter). When about 3/4 mile beyond the Danger Patch Buoy and standing out on the starboard tack across the Lune, at about 11.50am, the cook, who was at the helm, observed a smack on the port tack bearing down on them. The cook left the tiller and rushed to call out the crew. When the mate arrived on deck the smack INDUSTRY was only a few yards away and shortly after struck the trawler on the port side by the fore rigging. One crew member scrambled aboard the INDUSTRY and the others took to the boat, the trawler foundering in about 28 – 30 fathoms in the centre of the Lune. Both smacks were being helmed by the cook, as was customary once they were clear of the Wyre Light and the crew were below eating.
1885: Fleetwood registry closed.

Note: Rule of the Road – When a vessel is on the starboard tack and approached by a vessel on the port tack, he stands on and the vessel on the port tack gives way.


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