S.D/T. Rowan Tree BF 199 (Seasonal)


Official Number: 127399
Yard Number: 168
Completed: 1918
Gross Tonnage: 91
Net Tonnage: 39
Length: 87.5 ft
Breadth: 19.2 ft
Depth: 9.7 ft
Engine: T.3-cyl by Cooper & Grieg Ltd, Dundee
Built: J. & G. Forbes, Sandhaven
Wooden built


1918: Purchased by The Admiralty on the stocks.
1918: Launched by J. & G. Forbes, Sandhaven (Yd.No.168) (“non-standard Admiralty drifter”) for The Admiralty as FLAT CALM.
3.6.1918: Completed as a minesweeper (1-6pdr) (Ad.No.3890).
1930: De-commissioned and offered for sale.
3.1930: Sold to Alexander West, Gardenstown & others (Alexander West managing owner).
14.4.1930: Registered at Banff as ROWAN TREE (BF199).
11.2.1938: White fish trawling from Fleetwood (Alex Keay managing agent). Landed 24 boxes grossed £37.
24.4.1938: Last landing at Fleetwood, 145 boxes grossed £117.
1939: Sold to Mrs E. West, Gardenstown & others.
25.1.1940: Requisitioned for war service as a minesweeping drifter (Hire rate £26.0.0d/month).
21.11.1941: Sailed Lowestoft at 8.15 am and returning to port at about 3.00 pm struck shoulder of recently formed sand bank at the entrance. Lowestoft lifeboat MICHAEL STEPHEN (Cox Albert Spurgeon) launched at 3.30 approached and connected but line parted. Capsized when local tug had line connected, crew scrambling on to upturned hull. Cox Spurgeon took the MICHAEL STEPHEN alongside twice and took off all fifteen crew. Landed safely at Lowestoft.
12.1941: Banff registry closed declared a total loss.

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S.D/T. Rowan Tree BF199

S.D/T. Rowan Tree BF199
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