s.v. Wave CO3

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Official Number: 80245
Gross Tonnage: 47
Net Tonnage: 23
Rig: Ketch – trawling
Built: ?? Brixham


1890: Completed by ??, Brixham for ??, ?? as WAVE.
1.1.1892: Owned by Thomas L. Manchester, Westfield, Pwllheli, Carnarvon. Registered at Carnarvon (CO3).
1.1.1900: Owned by Arthur & Robert McEwan Anderson, Liverpool.
1.1.1910: Owned by Arthur Anderson, Wholesale Fish Market, Liverpool (managing owner).
1.1.115: Owned by Magnus B. J. Wedum, 114 Dock Street, Fleetwood (managing owner).
10.3.1918: Fishing 10 miles SW by W from St Bees Head, stopped by U-boat (UC75) and sunk by bombs. Crew took to boat. Carnarvon registry closed.

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