S.T. Helgi Magri EA290

Additional information courtesy of Birgir Þórisson


Official Number: Unknown
Yard Number: 109
Completed: 1891
Gross Tonnage: 137
Net Tonnage: 27.7
Length: 32.15 m
Breadth: 6.34
Depth: 3.11 m
Built: J. C. Tecklenborg, Geestmünde, Germany
Engine: 260ihp C.2-cyl by J. C. Tecklenborg, Geestmünde


1891: Completed by J. C. Tecklenborg, Geestmünde, Germany (Yd.No.109) for Gebruder Thomae, Boizenburg, Elbe, Germany as LILLY. Registered at Hamburg (HH5). F. W. E. Thomae designated manager.
2.1913: Sold to Ásgeir Pétursson (5/6) and Sk. Stefán Jónasson (1/6), Akureyri, Iceland. Hamburg registry closed.
27.2.1913: Registered at Akureyri as HELGI MAGRI (EA290).
1916: Stefán Jónasson share (1/6) sold to Ásgeir Pétursson. Mostly employed in the Icelandic summer herring fishery, also trawling and transport as well as experimenting with other activities.
1913-1918: Fished for herring in the winter off Norway and Sweden.
26.10.1918: Reported arrived Fleetwood along with the ex whaler VARANGAR (RE 181) (g/1881) and the Elías Stefánsson trawler ÍSLENDINGUR (RE 120) (143g/1893), to fish out of the port over the winter. J. Marr & Son Ltd, managing agents. During their stay
some crew members fell ill with influenza and one crew member died along with one from ÍSLENDINGUR. The crews were so well nursed in
a Seamens’ Home that the skippers invited the nurses to Iceland in the summer of 1919 on a holiday tour. (Jan 1918-Dec 1920 H1N1 Influenza Pandemic, the so called “Spanish Flu” – about 50 million dead worldwide.)
4.6.1919: Arrived Reykjavik from Fleetwood, overhaul before heading North for the summer herring fishery. Reported that catches had been good. Experimented with Danish Seine.
1921: Icelandic ship register – 103,3 (31,39)x 20,4 x 9,4 Danish feet (metres)(From Lloyd’s Register 1925) 136g 51n 103.3 x 20.4 x 9.4 feet (Danish feet mistaken for imperial)
1925: Iceland ship register – 136g 51n 32,43 x 6,40 x 2,95 metres (Danish feet converted to metric)
Early 1928: Properties auctioned off.
21.4.1928: Ownership re-styled h/f Ásgeir Pétursson & Co. Operated in the name of Sigurður Bjarnason, skipper/shipowner, Akureyri.
1929: Iceland ship register – 32,78 x 6,03 x 3,27 metres
19.6.1929: Registered at Akureya as NONNI (EA 290). Classified as a longliner.
12.1929: Sold to h/f Barðinn, Þingeyri, Iceland. 1931 Operated by a fishermens’ cooperative at Þingeyri. 1931-33: Official register of ships recorded as owned by h/f Barðinn.
1933-34: Longlining from Reykjavik (but only recorded in 1933, then operated by Sk. Þórarinn Dúason).
By 1934: Register of ships records owner as Ásgeir Pétursson, Akureyri.
10.1.1935: Sank in Reykjavik harbour in fierce storm. Refloated, slipped but condemned and broken up.

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S.T. Helgi Magri EA290
Picture courtesy of The Birgir Þórisson Collection

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