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sv Cistus – FD214

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Additional information courtesy of Christine Simm

2nd class Part IV registered
Registered tonnage: 12.75
Length: 34.8 ft
Breadth: 11.2 ft
Depth: 5.3 ft
Fitted with iron keelson as ballast giving a max. draught of 3ft 6ins, to work the shallow runs and edge of banks.
Built: William Crossfield, Arnside


1908: Completed by William Crossfield, Arnside for John Moss and David Moss, both of Kemp Street, Fleetwood as CISTUS.
23.5.1908: Registered at Fleetwood (FD214). (Skippers John and David Moss).
12.6.1909: At the Blackpool & Fleetwood Sailing Club regatta, in the handicap half decked race, unplaced (Sk. John Moss).
18.6.1910: At the Blackpool & Fleetwood Sailing Club regatta, in the handicap half decked race, placed sixth (Sk. David Moss).
30.6.1913: Reported that at the seventh annual Blackpool & Fleetwood Sailing Club regatta, in the handicap half decked race,
placed third (Sk. John Moss).
25.8.1916: Sold to Jeff Wright Jnr, 117 Kemp Street, Fleetwood. (Sk. Jeff Wright Jnr).
9.1921: Sold to ??. Barrow.
20.9.1921: Fleetwood registry closed. Registered at Barrow.

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sv Cistus FD214

sv Cistus FD214
Picture from The Sankey Collection

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sv Sparkler – ??

Information courtesy of Christine Simm

Technical and historical information needed about this vessel. Please contact

Registered Tonnage: 17
Rig: Smack – trawling

4.9.1855: Advertised. For Sale by Private Treaty, THREE FISHING SMACKS, namely the JANE, Fifteen Tons Register; the MARGERY, Twenty-one Tons: the SPARKLER, Seventeen Tons. They are each in good Working Order, have Nets and Trawl Gear, complete and are at present fishing out of Fleetwood. Applications to be made to John Jackson, 1 West Street, Whitehaven; or to Ebenezer Cox, Fleetwood. August 15th, 1855.

7.7.1856: Sailed on the morning tide for the fishing grounds. The wind was variable changing direction and freshening throughout the day. At about 11.30pm it started to blow from the north.
8.7.1856: At 12.30am a furious gale suddenly blew up and the Fleetwood fleet 12 in number, which were lying off Black Combe, north of Duddon Estuary, received considerable damage. Lost the foresail. The smacks then laid their vessels under snug canvas and the wind later being favourable for them to reach Fleetwood; left the area.
10.7.1856: Most of the fleet arrived home about 6.00am without further damage.
17.7.1862: Report by John Studholm, master.
10.7.1862: Fishing out of Whitehaven. In a strong NNW wind, when some two miles wide of Douglas Head at about 8.00pm picked up a gig with five hands onboard which was in a sinking state. The crew of the gig were bailing with their shoes and it was their cries that first attracted Capt. Studholm’s attention. The trawler was put about, the crew brought onboard and with the gig in tow brought them into Douglas. For this service the owner of the boat, Mr Nicholson, a painter, of Douglas, presented Capt Studholm with 5s for saving the boat. FATE.

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S.T. Ben Rossal – A176

Occasional Visitor
Additional information courtesy of Christine Simm


Official Number: 127137
Yard Number: 295
Completed: 1907
Gross Tonnage: 299
Net Tonnage: 114
Length: 130.4 ft
Breadth: 22.5 ft
Depth: 12.2 ft
Built: John Duthie Torry Shipbuilding Co, Aberdeen
Engine: T.3-cyl by Clyne, Mitchell & Co Ltd, Aberdeen


24.10.1907: Launched by John Duthie Torry Shipbuilding Co, Aberdeen (Yd.No.295) for Richard Irvin & Sons Ltd, North Shields as BEN ROSSAL.
3.12.1907: Registered at Aberdeen (A176).
12.1907: Completed.
23.12.1907: Landed at Aberdeen.
17.1.1908: Landed at Aberdeen.
16.3.1908: At Aberdeen landed from an Iceland trip 1150 boxes 150 score.
13.4.1908: At Aberdeen landed 800 boxes 160 score.
16.1.1909: When outwards from Fleetwood in very rough weather grounded on the Steep Breast in the Wyre Channel. Got off on the following tide with the aid of a tug.
15.4.1909: At Aberdeen one of eleven trawlers landing, seven German, one French and two local boats, the average landing being 70 tons and £290 gross. From Iceland landed 120tons 4cwts, easily the best catch and a record weight, exceeding £459 gross (this statement was later challenged.).
19??: Remeasured 273g 105n.
12.1910: Sold to Sociedad Aurora de Pesca Ltda, Lisbon, Portugal.
29.12.1910: Aberdeen registry closed.
1911: Registered at Lisbon as MARIA LEONOR.
By 1925: Owned by Compania Portuguesa de Pesca, Lisbon.
21.8.1941: At Lisbon landed thirteen survivors from the British motor tanker HORN SHELL (8972grt/1931) (Capt A. McDougall), Britain for Mexico, torpedoed on 28th July by the Italian submarine BARBARIGO and sank SE of the Azores. The survivors had been in an open boat for fifteen days.
1967: Believed sold for breaking up.

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S.T. Kitty (1) – A819

Additional information courtesy of Christine Simm, Andy Hall and George Westwood


Official Number: 106545
Yard Number: 365
Gross Tonnage: 135.31
Net Tonnage: 33.31
length: 96.9 ft
Breadth: 20.15 ft
Depth: 11.80 ft
Built: A. Hall & Co Ltd, Aberdeen
Engine: 320ihp C.2-cyl and boiler by A. Hall & Co Ltd, Aberdeen


6.1897: Completed by A. Hall & Co Ltd, Aberdeen (Yd.No.365) for Frederick James Brown, Grimsby and Thomas Henry Lundy, Aberdeen (64/64 joint owners) as KITTY.
31.5.1897: Registered at Aberdeen (A819). Landing mainly into Grimsby and Aberdeen.
12.12.1897: Alongside Commercial Wharf, Aberdeen. George Kite (36), fisherman, fell 25ft into the graving dock, his fall broken by 2ft of water in the dock bottom. Attended for severely cut head.
22.9.1898: Sold to Thomas Henry Lundy and William Hall Dodds, Aberdeen (64/64 joint owners). Thomas H. Lundy designated managing owner.
3.11.1898: At Aberdeen landed from a Faroe trip, five ling, total weight 322lbs; the largest 86lbs.
1.12.1898: Sailed for Faroe grounds (Sk. Tyvold).
13.12.1898: Arrived Aberdeen and reported loss of crewman John Hales (23), Grimsby, washed overboard in heavy seas on 6th December.
17.10.1899: At Aberdeen with one other liner landed a total of 11 tons.
27.3.1903: At Aberdeen, Sk. John Morrice reported that he had called at St. Kilda and noted that there was a scarcity of clothing and boots amongst the islanders. Through the kindness of W. H. Dodds & Co, clothing, mails etc will be made up for delivery to St Kilda on the next trip.
29.3.1903: Sailed Aberdeen for West of Scotland grounds (Sk. John Morrice), weather permitting the goods and mails to be landed at Hirta.
16.9.1903: Arrived Aberdeen. Sk Morrice reported that during the trip they had again called at St. Kilda with mails and goods, anchoring in Village Bay, Hirta and remained there for three days, delayed by strong winds. He found the islanders in the best of health and was very impressed by their hospitality. On Sunday he and several crew members attended divine service and the minister paid them the courtesy of delivering the latter part of his sermon in English. There was however much discontent in that the islanders had refused to pay the tax in kind, on cattle and sheep numbers, etc and were much in arrears. As a result the owner, Sir Reginald MacLeod of MacLeod, through his agent, had indicated that he would not supply the regular consignment of oatmeal at the end of the year. When Sk. Morrice stated that he would return to the islands at a later date, he was given a list of purchases to be made on their behalf.
5.6.1905: Arrived in Aberdeen and reported loss of the boat in the recent gale in the West of Scotland.
19.3.1907: Sold to James Strachan Milne, Aberdeen. James S. Milne designated managing owner.
19.5.1909: At Fleetwood landed 260 boxes, 50 halibut.
1.7.1909: At Fleetwood landed 50 boxes, 300 halibut.
22.11.1909: At Fleetwood landed 20 boxes, 230 halibut.
8.8.1910: At Fleetwood landed 98 boxes, 130 halibut.
1.1.1914: Tonnage altered to 49.48 net under provision of Merchant Shipping Act 1907.
27.2.1914: Sold to William Alexander Leith and John Walker (64/64 joint owners), Aberdeen. William A. Leith designated managing owner.
19.1.1917: Sold to John Sheriff Ellis, Scarborough.
28.2.1917: Aberdeen registry closed.
2.3.1917: Registered at Scarborough (SH290).
12.3.1917: Sold to Alliance Steam Trawling Co, Scarborough.
29.5.1917: Requisitioned for Fishery Reserve.
1919: Released.
4.6.1919: Sold to John Henry Waite, Scarborough/Winterton-on-Sea. John Henry Waite designated managing owner.
21.1.1920: Sold to Harry F. Eastick, Gt. Yarmouth, James William Powley, Caister-on-Sea and William Thomas Pipe, Lowestoft.
14.2.1920: Scarborough registry closed.
16.2.1920: Registered at Yarmouth (YH250). James W, Powley designated managing owner. Trawling, working short trips landing into Yarmouth.
26.8.1920: Landed 15 tons of fish. Prices remained at high levels.
1.1.1921: Landed a 3ft, 3st sturgeon. Bought by Mr Neville Clarke as a gift for the King and left Yarmouth on the Saturday morning train for Sandringham.
26.1.1922: Landed under 400 stone, comprising (stones), 203 plaice, 33 prime, 50 whiting, 30 roker, 13 cod and 15 codling, etc.
3.2.1922: Landed 65 stone, made up of 4 prime, 15 plaice, 15 roker, 23 whiting and some cod and codling, etc.
27.2.1922: Landed a sturgeon weighing 15lbs, purchased by Mr Robert Beazor.
6.9.1922: Landed 628 stone.
11.1.1923: On the Fish Wharf, Gt. Yarmouth offered for sale Without Reserve by Norford Suffling Ltd on behalf of Messrs H. F. Eastick and J. Powley who are dissolving partnership. Vessel has been extremely well kept having recently had new wooden decks, new funnel and ventilators, boiler re-tubed, new condenser tubes, plates and brass ferrules, bunker side and stoke hole plates renewed. In 1922 tail end withdrawn, crank shaft lifted and engine thoroughly adjusted. Trawl winches in first class condition and can work 300 fathoms of wire on each drum. Bunkers will stow 55 tons of coal. Now trawling from Yarmouth and will be sold “as from sea” with full trawling outfit and usual inventory of sea-going stores. No person requiring a handy-sized vessel for trawling, seining or lining should miss this chance of buying at absolute Market Value Only.
11.1.1923: Sold to Newton, Sons & Co Ltd, Sunderland for the sum of £1,323.
13.1.1923: Yarmouth registry closed.
1.1923. Registered at Sunderland (SD276). Benjamin L. Newton designated manager. Landing into North Shields and Sunderland.
9.4.1923: At North Shields, landed a fair supply.
18.7.1925: At North Shields, landed, but with 450 boxes and 30 score on the market prices were only moderate.
24.7.1925: Homeward from the fishing grounds in dense fog, stranded on the belt of rocks between Whitburn and Roker, known as the Bents. Signals of distress alerted the Life Saving crew but their services were not required as the vessel was in no danger. Tugs attended but because it was low water services could not be rendered. Came afloat on next tide and berthed at North Shields.
1928: Sold to John H. Irvin, Tynemouth.
7.2.1931: In the morning outwards from North Shields for the fishing grounds. The steam trawler CHAMPION (HL37) (Sk. T. Gibbs, North Shields), also outwards, in going astern to avoid the KITTY took the ground at the end of the Groyne, South Shields. Came afloat on the afternoon tide and proceeded to Clelland’s, Willington Quay slipway for survey.
1931: Broken up. Sunderland registry closed.

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S.D. Welcome Home – LT256

Seasonal visitor


Official Number: 145830
Yard Number 559
Completed: 1925
Gross Tonnage: 104
Net Tonnage: 44
Length: 88.0 ft
Breadth: 20.5 ft
Depth: 10.5 ft
Built: John Chambers Ltd, Lowestoft
Engine: T.3-cyl by Crabtree & Co Ltd, Gt. Yarmouth
Wooden built


1925: Completed by John Chambers Ltd, Lowestoft (Yd No.559) for Albert E. Beamish, Lowestoft as WELCOME HOME.
13.8.1925: Registered at Lowestoft (LT256). Albert E. Beamish designated managing owner.
1928: Seasonal white fish trawling out of Fleetwood.
20.6.1928: Typical landing 15 boxes.
25.11.1939: Requisitioned for war service as a minesweeping drifter (Hire rate £37.14.0d/month).
4.1943: Employed on miscellaneous naval duties.
1945: Returned to owner.
1947: Sold to Victor J. Thompson, Gt. Yarmouth & Norman A. W. Beamish, Beccles.
1957: Sold for breaking up. Lowestoft registry closed.

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