S.T. Honora GY374

In Parkes Ownership. Did not fish from Fleetwood Technical Official Number: 146898 Yard Number: 13 Completed: 1919 Gross Tonnage: 394 Net Tonnage: 154 Length: 140.8 ft Breadth: 25.2 ft Depth: 13.6 ft Engine: T.3-cyl by Goldie & McCulloch Co Ltd, Galt, Ontario Built: Foundation Co, Savannah, Ga History 1919: Launched by Foundation Co, Savannah, Ga […]

S.D/T Honora Evelyn FD165

Additional Information courtesy of Ian Wilson Technical Admiralty Number: 3870 Official Number: 162066 Yard Number: 54 Completed: 1918 Gross Tonnage: 100 Net Tonnage: 42 Length: 87.7 ft Breadth: 18.6 ft Depth: 11.5 ft Engine: T.3-cyl by Crabtree & Co, Gt. Yarmouth Built: Colby Brothers Ltd, Lowestoft History 1918: Launched by Colby Brothers Ltd, Oulton Broad, […]

S.T. Margaret Wetherly – A344

Additional information courtesy of Christine Simm and Birgir ├×├│risson Technical Official Number: 129350. Yard Number: 463 Completed: 1911 Gross Tonnage: 211.39 Net Tonnage: 78.80 Length: 115.4 ft Breadth: 22.5 ft Depth: 12.4 ft Built: Alexander Hall & Co Ltd, Aberdeen Engine: 450ihp T.3-cyl by Alexander Hall & Co Ltd, Aberdeen History 4.1.1911: Launched by Miss […]

S.D. Prosit LT232

Information provided by Barry Banham Technical Official Number: 122785 Yard Number: ?? Completed: 1906 Gross Tonnage: 76.83 Net Tonnage: 39.82 Length: 82.8 ft Breadth: 18.8 ft Depth: 8.4 ft Built: Henry Reynolds & Co, Southside, Lowestoft Engine: 150ihp C.2-cyl by F. W. Carver & Co, Gt. Yarmouth History 1906: Launched by Henry Reynolds & Co, […]

Lost Vessels

Fleetwood Maritime Heritage If there any vessels missing from this page, please contact me. Please note that when some of these vessels were lost they had been sold or moved to another port. However, all have sailed from Fleetwood at some time, or been owned by Fleetwood companies and for this reason I have decided […]