S.T. Exeter LT139


Official Number: 108482
Yard Number: 160
Completed: 1897
Gross Tonnage: 165
Net Tonnage: 64
Length: 104.2 ft
Breadth: 21 ft
Depth: 10.7 ft
Built: Mackie & Thomson, Govan
Engine: T.3-cyl by Muir & Houston, Glasgow


1.9.1897: Launched by Mackie & Thomson, Govan (Yd. No.160) for Frederick E. Hagerup, Grimsby (managing owner), Grimsby as EXETER.
13.10.1897: Registered at Grimsby (GY426).
10.1897: Completed.
1898: Sold to Hagerup, Doughty & Co Ltd, Grimsby (Frederick E. Hagerup, manager).
4.1906: Transferred to Consolidated Steam Fishing & Ice Co (Grimsby) Ltd, Grimsby (John D. Marsden, manager) on formation of the company.
3.1915: New boiler fitted.
29.5.1917: Requisitioned for Fishery Reserve.
1919: Released.
28.1.1920: Steam drifter GLEN HEATHER (LT62) disabled with nets in propeller. Connected and delivered Lowestoft.
8.1.1925: Grimsby registry closed.
9.1.1925: Registered at Lowestoft (LT139).
13.11.1928: Connected to steam drifter EXPECTANT (LT9) disabled with fouled propeller and delivered Lowestoft.
1929: Sold to Pater Steam Trawling Co Ltd, Milford Haven (James H. Gough, H. Picton, J. Jenkins and W. S. Thomas (James H. Gough, manager).
15.12.1933: Sailed Milford for the Smalls ground (Sk. H. Lonsdale).
16.12.1933: Fishing off the Smalls at 6.20 pm. observed GAELIC (M204) blowing about one mile to the west disabled with net round propeller. Hauled gear, connected and commenced tow to Milford.
17.12.1933: At 12.20 am. delivered to Milford. (Subsequently awarded £150 for services rendered).
17.1.1937: On the fishing grounds swept by heavy sea, G. Brook, mate, carried along deck severely injuring his right leg.
18.1.1937: Mate landed at Milford.
1939: Sold to Yolland & Llewellin Trawling Co, Milford Haven (J. C. Llewellin, manager).
1940: Landing at Fleetwood.
29.3.1941: Sunk by German air attack 5 miles SW of Ballycotton Light Vessel, Co. Cork; all nine crew lost. Wreck lies 51.45N 07.56W.

Lost – Sk. A. Girling, R. R. Charlish, M. P. Connor, A. Leonard, J. R. Parkinson, C. H. Rawlins, J. A. Rymell, M. A.Stembridge, A. E. W. Thrower, E. Wilson

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S.T. Exeter LT139

S.T. Exeter LT139

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