S.T. Kitty FD191

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Official Number: 109662
Yard Number: 430
Completed: 1898
Gross Tonnage: 181.11
Net Tonnage: 47.48
Length: 105.0 ft
Breadth: 21.0 ft
Depth: 11.2 ft
Built: Earle’s Shipbuilding & Engineering Co Ltd, Hull
Engine: 400ihp T.3-cyl and boiler by Earle’s Shipbuilding & Engineering Co Ltd, Hull


10.1.1898: Launched by Miss Alice Bryant, daughter of Capt Bryant representing Messrs Moody’s & Kelly at Earle’s Shipbuilding & Engineering Co Ltd, Hull (Yd.No.430) for Fleetwood Steam Fishing Co Ltd (64/64), Fleetwood (Shareholders: J. Heap, Blackpool; H. Heap, Blackpool; H. Kelly, Grimsby; George Edward James Moody, Grimsby; G. Selijoth, Fleetwood, W. C. Frith, Fleetwood and T. Lockwood, Poulton-le-Fylde) as KITTY.
29.7.1898: Registered at Fleetwood (FD191). George E. J. Moody, Grimsby designated manager.
7.1898: Completed.
20.1.1900: In the early evening arrived Ramsey, IoM with Glasgow steamer RYDAL WATER (1897grt/1884) in tow, picked short of bunker coal while on passage Troon for Liverpool, light.
10.6.1900: At Fleetwood landed an 8ft shark caught on SW of Ireland grounds. The shark was later taken to Blackpool for exhibition.
14.10.1901: Arrived Fleetwood in tow of steam trawler STARLING (GY768) of the same owners, despatched to bring her home. Trawler had stranded on rocks in Castle Bay, Barra and in coming afloat the propeller was stripped and unable to proceed.
27.8.1903: On evening tide, arrived Fleetwood with jigger smack JOHN & ELIZABETH (22regd tons/1849) of Carnarvon, picked up off Nelson Buoy, Ribble estuary, abandoned with damage to sails and topsides. The smack had been seen in distress in the Mersey and crew taken off by the pilot boat.
12.11.1903: Towed into Ferrol, north west Spain, by another British trawler, having been disabled with nets fouling her propeller. The skippers will lodge a protest on account of an attack by 25 Spanish vessels, made upon the KITTY while fishing, the crews of which threw stones and also fired weapons. On attempting to escape her propeller became entangled in some fishing gear. When the second British trawler arrived on the scene the assailants steamed away.
14.10.1904: Arrived Fleetwood in late afternoon with steam trawler CITY OF LIVERPOOL (FD197) in tow, picked up off Bahama Bank Lightship disabled.
22.11.1905: While stormbound in Tobermory during a strong SW gale, at about 6.00pm two crew members, William Robertson (23) , Ratcliffe Road and John P. Shuttleworth (20), Blakiston Street took boat away to visit CITY OF BRISTOL (FD207) anchored near by. By midnight they had not returned and the whistle was blown repeatedly; there was no response.
23.11.1905: In the morning the CITY OF BRISTOL was hailed and it was discovered that nothing had been seen of the boat or the two men It was assumed that the boat had become unmanageable and driven by the gale had drifted seawards. Search parties were organised and scoured the shore of the island of Calvey and in the vicinity of Rhubha nan Gall lighthouse. With Customs Officers and police onboard, weighed and proceeded to search entrance to Loch Sunart, where two oars and a sou’wester were recovered. Assumed that both men had perished, aborted trip and set course for Fleetwood.
24.11.1905: At about 8.30pm entered Wyre Dock.
29.12.1905: Reported that body of John Shuttleworth had been recovered.
21.12.1907: At Fleetwood Magistrates Court, Richard Johnson was charged with failing to proceed to sea. He was onboard but when the trawler was outside the lock gates he went ashore and refused to return. As a result another man had to be found and the vessel was delayed for three hours and nearly lost the tide. James Wood, Ship’s husband gave him a good reference and the Bench was disposed to deal leniently on this account and fined him 40s with costs.
30.4.1908: Sold to Joseph Johnston & Sons Ltd (64/64), Montrose. William Douglas Johnston, Junr, designated manager.
5.5.1908: Arrived Montrose from Fleetwood. 9.5.1908: Fleetwood registry closed.
11.5.1908: Registered at Montrose (ME226).
22.5.1908: During the week landed two shots of herring at Montrose. Herring selling at 12s per cran.
16.10.1911: On a North Sea trip, when some 24 miles off Aberdeen, responded to distress signals from the recently completed Gamrie (Gardenstown) steam drifter CORONARIA (BF397) disabled with machinery problems while on passage to the Home Fishing in East Anglia. Closed, connected and delivered safely to Aberdeen.
16.11.1908: Landed a moderate supply of fish at Montrose during the week.
25.3.1912: At Montrose landed a large anchor about eight feet in length, presumably from a warship. The anchor had been found about 10 miles off May Island, Firth of Forth.
2.1913: Sold to John Wright & Richard W. Mason, Fleetwood.
1913: Sold to The Brooklyn Fishing Co Ltd, Fleetwood. Richard W. Mason designated manager.
26.2.1913: Montrose registry closed.
3.3.1913: Registered at Fleetwood (FD179).
14.3.1913: At Fleetwood landed 70 boxes.
14.4.1913: Landed 45 boxes (9 boxes soles).
7.6.1913: At Carnarvon Magistrates Court, Sk. H. Foot was fined £10 and costs for fishing inside the three mile limit in Carnarvon Bay. The charge of using a net with too small mesh, was dismissed.
17.6.1913: Landed 200 boxes.
2.9.1913: Off Point of Ayre, IoM, at about 8.00pm in collision with steam trawler NEW CROWN (GY369), struck a glancing blow, slightly twisting stem and dinging shell plating; making water.
3.9.1913: Put into Campbeltown. Stem cemented.
4.9.1913: Sailed Campbeltown for Fleetwood to effect permanent repairs.
29.12.1913: Landed 80 boxes.
1.1.1914: Tonnage altered to 73 net under provision of Merchant Shipping Act 1907.
9.3.1914: Landed 140 boxes.
22.6.1914: As a result of the dispute existing between the Fleetwood Fishing Vessel Owners’ Association Ltd and the Humber Amalgamated Steam Trawlers Engineers’ and Firemen’s Union (Fleetwood Branch) concerning the dismissal of the ASHLYN Ch.Eg, one of 53 trawlers ‘held up’ at the port.
24.6.1914: Following a meeting between Association and Union representatives, Ch Eng re-instated, all action withdrawn.
11.8.1914: Land 42 boxes (2 boxes soles).
25.1.1914: Landed 50 boxes, 3 boxes soles.
15.6.1915: At Fleetwood Police Court, E. Greenwood of 1 Back Kent Street Court, mate brought a wage claim for £30 against the owners, the Brooklyn Steam Fishing Co Ltd. Greenwood stated that shortly after midnight on the 1st June he came in with the trawler and landed the catch and then went home. He did not go to the office or see Mr Mason the manager; there was no obligation to go to the office or see Mr Mason. The following day he met Capt Martin on the Customs house stage and was informed that he was taking the ship as skipper and that the former skipper, Sandham, was sailing as mate. Greenwood went to the office and Mr Mason confirmed what he had heard and had he called at the office he would have been told all about it. Greenwood had effectively been dismissed without the customary 12 hours notice.
22.6.1915: At the next session of the Fleetwood Police Court, the Clerk, after further investigation, told the court that the case was outside their jurisdiction. The Chairman said that as long as they had no jurisdiction in that case they had no power to grant costs. It seemed to him a comedy of errors and a grave waste of time of the Court.
30.8.1915: Landed 250 boxes of herring.
31.8.1915: Landed 320 boxes of herring.
23.12.1915: At Fleetwood Magistrates Court, John Franks, deckhand, was charged with failing to join the ship, causing the vessel to be locked out. This was his second offence of a similar nature that month and as Wilson appeared not to care about a fine he was sent to prison for 14 days.
3.1.1916: Landed 140 boxes.
3.7.1916: Landed 180 boxes.
18.11.1916: The funeral took place at Fleetwood Parish church of Mr Richard W. Mason part owner of the trawler. Amongst the many mourners was Sk. George Kay, Mate C. Harrison and apprentice T Leadbetter of the KITTY, and members of the crews of other steam trawlers.
12.1916: Sold to George Frederick Sleight, Grimsby.
14.12.1916: Fleetwood registry closed.
18.12.1916: Registered at Grimsby (GY1005). George Frederick Sleight designated managing owner.
3.1.1917: At about midnight in Grimsby, James Wallis, St. James Street, Hessle Road, Hull, third hand was joining the trawler berthed outside the trawler RESOLUTE (GY382). A splash was heard and Wallis was seen struggling in the water. Prompt assistance was rendered by a naval man and others and Wallis was hauled onboard the RESOLUTE. Artificial respiration was applied for some time but life was extinct.
4.1.1917: At the inquest a verdict of Accidental Death was recorded.
9.5.1917: On a North Sea trip. Stopped by U-boat (UC42) 25 miles ENE of St. Abb’s Head, Skipper and Chief Engineer made prisoner. Sunk by explosive charge in position 56.11.39N 01.45.00W.
11.6.1917: Grimsby registry closed.

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S.T. Kitty FD191

S.T. Kitty FD191
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