S.D/T. Eunice and Nellie BCK118 (Seasonal)

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Official Number: 145859
Yard Number: 555
Completed: 1918
Gross tonnage: 95.70
Net tonnage: 38.01
Length: 86.2 ft
Breadth: 18.5 ft
Depth: 9.25 ft
Built: A. Hall & Co Ltd, Aberdeen
Engine: 270ihp T.3-cyl and boiler by A. Hall & Co Ltd, Aberdeen


1918: Launched by Alexander Hall & Co Ltd, Aberdeen (Yd.No.555) (“Admiralty drifter”) for The Admiralty as FROTH (Ad.No.3978).
25.10.1918: Completed as a minesweeper.
1920: Transferred to Board of Agriculture & Fisheries, London for disposal.
1921: Sold to Herbert Pritchard, South Stanley, Liverpool.
5.8.1921: Registered at Liverpool (Part I & IV) as FLORENCE PRITCHARD O.N.145859 (LL120). T. M. Nicholson of Hoylake appointed skipper.
24.1.1922: At Bangor Magistrates Court, Sk.Nicholson, was charged under the regulations of the Lancashire and Western Sea Fisheries Board for illegal fishing off the Welsh Coast. The case revealed a conflict of evidence and the Bench being divided it was dismissed.
2.1923: Sold to George Rodgers and A. Gore, Douglas, IoM. George Rodgers designated managing owner.
28.1.1923: Sailed Liverpool for Douglas, IoM.
2.3.1923: Liverpool registry closed.
3.1923: Registered at Douglas as MANX PRINCESS (DO91).
7.3.1924: Reported that the M’Intosh splay otter trawl boards had been fitted and not only did they give a better spread of the net but also a substantial reduction in the coal bill.
4.11.1929: In the evening suffered machinery problem and anchored in Garwick Bay, IoM. Isle of Man coasting steamer CUSHAG (223grt/1908) responded to signal of distress, connected and commenced tow to Douglas.
5.11.1929: Delivered Douglas about noon.
27.9.1930: Off Douglas, sighted steam trawler STAR of the SOUTH (GY676) (Sk. W. Mayhew), making for Douglas leaking, having cut away gear off Maughold Head. When hauling in heavy weather, after otter board slamming against hull stove in plating in way of engineroom. Requested stand by until off entrance to Douglas Harbour.
28.2.1931: Placed on slipway at Fleetwood for repair and painting. The only steamer amongst a number of Manx motor drifter/trawlers, which will fish Morecambe Bay during the coming season (Messrs W. M. Kelly, managing agent).
1932: Sold to John Murray, Eunice Sutherland or Murray and James Robertson Cook Logie, all of Buckie. John Murray designated managing owner. Douglas registry closed. Registered at Buckie (BCK118).
14.4.1933: White fish trawling out of Fleetwood. Telegram received from Buckie that the mother of John Thain, deckhand on the trawler had died. Efforts to contact the trawler were unsuccessful. Luckily the vessel returned to Fleetwood less than ten minutes before a main line train was due to leave and Thain rushed from the dock and caught the train home.
10.1933: Registered at Buckie as EUNICE and NELLIE (BCK118) (Proposal to Change Ship’s Name dated 23.10.33).
1935-39: White fish trawling from Fleetwood (Alex Keay, managing agent).
30.3.1935: Fishing between St Bees Head and the Point of Ayre near King William Buoy. At midnight when hoisting the bag inboard the mast stays gave way. There was a mad scamper for safety and within seconds the mast came down with a terrific crash breaking into two as it fell leaving only a stump. The rigging, lights, etc came down on deck, leaving a complete shambles, the crew setting to work to clear away and rig temporary lights. Set course for Fleetwood.
31.3.1935: At Fleetwood landed 30 boxes. Laid over for several days as new mast was made and fitted.
22.7.1935: Fishing off the Cumberland coast. Told by the seam trawler HAZELDENE (BCK47) that George Murray, brother of John “Gyke” Murray, the skipper, James Murray, mate and David Murray, deckhand was lying dangerously ill at Wick. The net was hauled and the trawler made best speed for Fleetwood. On arrival they were told that their brother had died.
12.2.1936: Sailed Fleetwood for the fishing grounds. Experienced boiler tube problems and decided to return for repair.
14.2.1936: Returned to Fleetwood. Repaired and returned to service.
22.3.1939: At Bangor Magistrates Court , Sk. R. T. Reid of Warren Avenue, Fleetwood, fined £10 for illegal trawling off Puffin Island, Anglesey, a similar amount for not exhibiting fishing signals and £14.19.2d costs.
5.12.1939: Requisitioned for war service as a minesweeper (P.No.FY1543) (Hire rate £32.16.0d/month). Based Sheerness.
3.1943: Employed on miscellaneous Naval duties.
6.1943: Employed as a TRV.
1945: Based Douglas, IoM.
1946: Returned to owner.
1946: Sold to Alexander Reid, Dorothea Thomson & others, Peterhead. Buckie registry closed. Registered at Peterhead (PD309).
1947: Sold to Drifters (Peterhead) Ltd, Peterhead (G. G. Strachan & others and Caledonian Fishselling Co Ltd). R. Foreman, designated manager.
17.12.1952: Sold for breaking up. 1954: Peterhead registry closed. Broken up.

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S.D/T. Eunice & Nellie BCK118

S.D/T. Eunice & Nellie BCK118
Picture courtesy of The Barry Banham Maritime Photo Collection

S.T. Eunice and Nellie PD309

S.D/T. Eunice and Nellie PD309
Picture © The Barry Banham Photo Collection

TRV Eunice & Nellie

TRV Eunice & Nellie

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