S.D/T. D’Arcy Cooper YH370 (Seasonal)

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Official Number: 144156
Yard Number: 1018
Completed: 1928
Gross Tonnage: 127
Net Tonnage: 55
Length: 94.3 ft
Breadth: 19.6 ft
Depth: 10.0 ft
Engine: T.3-cyl and boiler by C. D. Holmes & Co Ltd, Hull
Built: Cochrane & Sons Ltd, Selby


24.4.1928: Launched by Cochrane & Sons Ltd, Selby (Yd.No.1018) for Bloomfields Ltd, Gt. Yarmouth as D’ARCY COOPER.
5.6.1928: Completed (Neil Mackay, manager).
5.6.1928: Registered at Yarmouth (YH370).
2.1929: On Gabbard grounds iced up and could not work. Returned to Yarmouth.
1930s: Seasonal trawling from Padstow and Fleetwood (Lowestoft Fish Selling Co Ltd, Lowestoft/Bloomfields Ltd, Fleetwood, managing agents).
26.11.1934: At Gt. Yarmouth landed 140 crans of herring.
15.7.1935: Along with OCEAN PIONEER (YH189) (Sk. Roper George) represented Great Yarmouth at the King George V Silver Jubilee Review at Spithead (Sk. Richard Brown).
11.10.1938: At Gt. Yarmouth landed 170 crans.
8.10.1939: Requisitioned for war service on Examining Service (Hire rate £63.2.10d/month).
9.4.1941: At Harwich (2nd Hand D. Noble), attacked and sunk by German aircraft. Four crew MPK/Killed. Subsequently salved but declared a Total loss, The Admiralty paid £5000 in restitution.
28.11.1946: Yarmouth registry closed.

(MPK – David F. Noble, 2nd Hand (I/C); George F. Hayward, Engineman; John W. Hodds, Seaman. Killed – Bernard P. Oates, O/S)

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S.T. D'Arcy Cooper YH370

S.T. D'Arcy Cooper YH370
Picture courtesy of The Barry Banham Maritime Photo Collection

S.D/T. D'arcy Cooper YH 370

S.D/T. D’arcy Cooper YH 370 at Fleetwood.
Picture courtesy of The Barry Banham Maritime Photo Collection


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