S.D/T. Homocea LT112 (Seasonal)

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Official Number: 137617
Yard Number: 573
Completed: 1919
Gross Tonnage: 96
Net Tonnage: 41
Length: 86.2
Breadth: 18.5 ft
Depth: 9.3 ft
Built: A. Hall & Co Ltd, Aberdeen
Engine: T.3-cyl by A. Hall & Co Ltd, Aberdeen
Boiler: John Lewis & Sons, Aberdeen


1919: Launched by A. Hall & Co Ltd, Aberdeen (Yd.No.573) (“Admiralty drifter”) for The Admiralty as WATERFALL (Ad.No.4132).
16.9.1919: Completed as a fishing vessel.
1919: Sold to Edward Albert Baker, Gorleston.
10.11.1919: Registered at Yarmouth as HOMOCEA O.N.137617 (YH214). Edward Albert Baker, Gorleston designated managing owner.
23.12.1921: Sold by order of the mortgagees to E. A. Maxteo, Boulogne sur Mer.
1922: Re-measured 107 grt 14n.
3.1.1922: Yarmouth registry closed. Registered at Boulogne as NI TU (B??).
3.1.1922: Sold to A. Alvargonzalez, Gijon. Registered at San Sebastian. Spanish pareja trawling.
12.1929: Sold to Fred Parkes, Blackpool.
1.1930: Sold to William Barnard, Lowestoft.
1930: Re measured 98grt 41n.
11.1.1930: Registered at Lowestoft as HOMOCEA (LT112). William Barnard, designated managing owner.
1934: Seasonal trawling from Fleetwood. Robert S. Hewett, managing agent.
1940-1945: Fishing out of Fleetwood.
10.7.1943: Typical landing. 95 kits – cod-58, whiting-15, flats-7, coley-3, roker-5, gurnard-5, sole & prime-2.
10.11.1943: William Barnard died.
22.6.1944: Under terms of the Will, Mrs Ethel Annie Barnard, Lowestoft became the registered owner. Stephen Smith designated manager. 16.7.1952: Sold to Putford Enterprises Ltd, Paignton.
8.1.1953: Converted by L.B.S. Engineering Co Ltd, Lowestoft, fitted with 300bhp 4 stroke 3-cyl diesel by W. H. Podd Ltd, Lowestoft.
24.3.1953: Successfully completed trials.
17.3.1953: Registered at Lowestoft as STRENUOUS (LT112). John R. Hashim, Walberswick designated manager.
1955: Seasonal trawling from Fleetwood.
5.8.1957: In North Sea 25 miles NEbyE of Smith’s Knoll Light Vessel at 2230 took onboard four crew members of Belgian motor trawler MARCEL (Z330) (83grt/1947) (Sk. A. Ackaert) abandoned leaking when homeward from North Sea grounds; vessel foundered very slowly. After half an hour, survivors transferred to Belgian motor trawler PATRICK (Z149) also homeward for Zeebrugge.
7.1961: Fishing out of Milford. W. H. Kerr (Ship Chandlers) Ltd, Milford Haven, managing agents (William H. Kerr, manager).
23.1.1962: Last landing at Milford. Laid up.
1963: Sold to BISCO and allocated to Thos. W. Ward Ltd, Sheffield for breaking up at Castle Pill, Milford Haven.
2.12.1964: Lowestoft registry closed.

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S.D/T. Homocea LT112

S.D/T. Homocea LT112
Picture courtesy of The Barry Banham Maritime Photo Collection

S.D/T. Homocea LT112
Picture courtesy of The Robert Durrant Collection

S.D/T. Strenuous LT112

M.D/T. Strenuous LT112
Picture courtesy of The Barry Banham Maritime Photo Collection


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