S.D/T. Mare LT362 (Seasonal)


Official Number: 118667
Yard Number: 356
Completed: 1911
Gross Tonnage: 92
Net Tonnage: 38
Length: 86.0 ft
Breadth: 18.5 ft
Depth: 8.7 ft
Built: John Duthie Torry Shipbuilders, Aberdeen
Engine: T.3-cyl by J. Abernethy & Co, Aberdeen


Note spelling of name with the accented E (MARÉ) is correct. MARE is used to allow the search engine to find the entry.

1911: Launched by John Duthie Torry Shipbuilders, Aberdeen (Yd.No.355) for Joseph Johnston & Sons Ltd, Montrose as MARÉ.
6.1911: Completed (William D. Johnston Jnr, manager).
12.6.1911: Registered at Montrose (ME156).
7.1915: Requisitioned for war service as an A/S net drifter.(1-3pdr) (Ad.No.2200).
1918: Based Taranto.
Post 12.3.1919: Returned to owner at Montrose (J. Johnstone & Sons Ltd, Montrose).
18.3.1921: Sold to William Widram, Eyemouth (managing owner).
21.3.1921: Montrose registry closed. Registered at Berwick-on-Tweed (BK416).
11.1927: Sold to Frank C. Burton, Lowestoft (managing owner).
11.1927: Berwick-on-Tweed registry closed.
29.11.1927: Registered at Lowestoft (LT362).
22.12.1927: Sold to Provincial Fishing Co Ltd, Lowestoft (Frank C. Burton) (Arthur Gouldby, manager).
22.4.1930: Frank C. Burton died.
22.5.1933: In accordance with terms of Will vessel registered to Edith Clara Burton (16/64), Clement Ernest Burton (16/64), Arthur Gouldby (16/64), George Mitchell (16/64), trading as Provincial Fishing Co Ltd (Arthur Gouldby, manager).
1936: Seasonal trawling from Fleetwood (New Docks Steam Trawling Co (Fleetwood) Ltd, managing agents).
13.7.1936: Last landing at Fleetwood, 48 boxes grossed £96. Laid up at Fleetwood.
1.1937: Sailed Fleetwood for Milford.
31.1.1937: Landed at Milford (Sk. Walter Aldridge Jnr).
10.2.1937: Sold to Kenneth Llewellyn, Milford Haven (16/64), Sk. John William Chenery, Lowestoft (16/64), George Mitchell, Lowestoft (16/64), Arthur Claude Mitchell, Lowestoft (16/64) (Arthur Claude Mitchell, manager).
20.8.1938: On a trip from Milford (Sk. Jack Chenery). Responded to distress from Glasgow steam coaster GIRASOL (648grt/1926) off Pembroke coast abandoned with severe list due to cargo shifting and crew picked up by Glasgow steamer SHUNA (1575grt/1937) and Liverpool steamer Aguila (3255grt/1917). Having stood by and vessel had not foundered, boarded and at 6.20 pm. connected and commenced tow to Milford.
21.8.1934: Delivered Milford at 9.00 am and beached.
28.11.1939: Requisitioned for war service on balloon barrage (P.No.FY1508) (Hire rate £25.0.0d/month).
26.5.1940: At 6.57pm. ‘Operation Dynamo’ (Dunkirk evacuation) put into effect.
1.6.1940: At Dunkirk embarking troops. With drifters THREE KINGS (LT517) and TWEENWAYS (R356) picked up 19 men from from the sinking LMS steamer SCOTIA (3454grt/1921) bombed by German aircraft after leaving Dunkirk with an estimated 1,200 troops onboard. At Ramsgate at 10.20pm. landed 220 troops.
1940: Fitted out as a minesweeper (Hire rate £26.2.9d/month). Based Lowestoft, Harwich, Felixstowe.
1.1942: Based at Ipswich as Armed Patrol Drifter (2-MGs (1×2)).
12.10.1945: Returned to owner.
1946: Sold for breaking up.
16.1.1947: Lowestoft registry closed.

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S.D/T. Maré LT362

S.D/T. Maré LT362
Picture courtesy of The John Clarkson Collection

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