S.D/L. Dewy Rose FR187 (Seasonal)


Official Number: 136606
Yard Number: 414
Completed: 1915
Gross Tonnage: 100
Net Tonnage: 46
Length: 86.3 ft
Breadth: 18.7 ft
Depth: 9.0 ft
Built; John Duthie Torry Shipbuilding Co, Aberdeen
Engine: T.3-cyl and boiler by Elliott & Garrood Ltd, Beccles


4.1915: Completed by John Duthie Torry Shipbuilding Co, Aberdeen (Yd.No.414) for Digby, Hunt & Shreeve Ltd, London as D.H.S.
8.4.1915: Registered at Lowestoft (LT469). Edward T. Hunt, Lowestoft designated manager.
10.1915: Requisitioned for war service as an A/S net drifter (1-3pdr HA) (Ad.No.1923). Based in Mediterranean, latterly at Taranto.
1919: Returned to owner (Digby, Hunt & Shreeve, Ipswich).
26.2.1926: Sold to Alexander Watt, James Watt & James Watt Jnr, Crovie, Banffshire; Robert W. Watt & James Watt, Fraserburgh; Mrs Margaret Watt, Sandhaven; James L. A. Minty, Wick. John Watt, Sandhaven designated manager.
8.3.1926: Lowestoft registry closed.
6.4.1926: Registered at Fraserburgh as DEWY ROSE (FR187).
By 1934: Owner Mrs Margaret Watt, Sandhaven & others. George Watt, Gardenstown designated managing owner.
1936-39: Seasonal white fish lining from Fleetwood. Alex Keay, managing agent)
By 1938: Owner John & Alexander Watt, Sandhaven. John Watt designated managing owner.
9.4.1939: In dense fog, attended Liverpool steamer HILARY (7403grt/1931) (Capt Lewis Evans), Para/Manaus, Brazil – Liverpool with general and passengers, which had stranded on The Skerries, Anglesey at 12.45am. Moelfre lifeboat (Cox. John Matthews) took off 100 passengers and DEWY ROSE went alongside to embark passengers’ luggage. Landed luggage at Holyhead and returned to fishing grounds.
1940: Richard Irvin & Sons Ltd designated managers.
2.4.1940: Requisitioned for war service on balloon barrage (Hire rate £27.0.0d/month).
27.6.1944: Declared a Total loss. Fraserburgh registry closed.
1946: Sold to Norway.
1949: Sold to Johan Melbo, Ålesund, Norway. Registered at Ålesund as VAREDHORN.
1949: Converted to motor.
1949: Remeasured 107g 32n.
1956: Sold to Jon Kvalsvik, Ålesund. Registered at Ålesund as MYRNES.
1956: Re-engined with 2 stroke 4-cyl oil engine by Alpha-Diesel A/S, Frederikshavn (engine made 1951).
14.9.959: Foundered 90 miles off Dalatangi, Iceland all crew nine lost.

Note LR has her noted as a fishing vessel until her sinking, this seems to be supported by crew numbers.

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