S.D/T Harnser LT627 (Seasonal)

Additional material courtesy of Roy Breech and Barry Banham


Official Number: 139996
Yard Number: 73
Completed: 1918
Gross Tonnage: 100
Net Tonnage: 42
Length: 89.9 ft
Breadth: 20.0 ft
Depth: 10.0
Built: Colby Brothers Ltd, Oulton Broad
Engine: 270ihp T.3-cyl by F. W. Carver & Co, Gt. Yarmouth
Boiler: Riley Bros (Boilermakers) Ltd, Stockton-on-tees


1918: Ordered by The Admiralty from Colby Brothers Ltd, Oulton Broad (“Admiralty drifter”) as WINDHOWL.
17.12.1918: Order cancelled.
1919: Launched (Yd.No.73) for East Anglian Red Star Fishing Co Ltd (64/64), Norwich as HARNSER.
3.12.1919: Registered at Lowestoft (LT627). John Victor Breech, Lowestoft, manager.
23.12.1919: Struck Lowestoft Pier causing damage.
24.4.1926: Sold to Jack Breech Ltd (64/64), Lowestoft (John Victor Breech, manager).
26.1.1928: Anchored off Buncrana, Co. Donegal, dragged and grounded when steam drifter SHEPHERD LAD (LT7) made fast alongside.
21.1.1933: Off Milford Haven rudder damaged.
1.9.1934: Off Peel, IoM in collision and damaged stem.
6.2.1937: At Lowestoft struck Inner Pier damagine stem.
1930s: Seasonal fishing in the Irish Sea and off west coast of Ireland, occasional landings at Fleetwood taking bunkers.
24.6.1938: At Fleetwood landed 300 small boxes of herring grossed £153.
5.1939: Sold to Bröderene Anda, Stavanger (John & Trygve Anda).
24.5.1939: Sailed Lowestoft for Norway.
1.6.1939: Lowestoft registry closed “Sold to Norwegians”.
2.1940: Converted to a purse seiner and cargo vessel.
2.1940: Converted to motor and fitted with 2-cyl Wichmann oil engine (reconditioned by Haldorsen-Sonner, built 1920).
1940: Registered at Stavanger as ANKER I following conversion.
1.3.1940: Sold to Ola Olsen, Jakob & Konrad Jakobsen, Auklandshamn (Ola Olsen, manager). Registered at Haugesund. Employed as a coaster.
11.1940: Sold to Jacob Lindberg, KJØPSVIK. Registered at Bergen as KJØPSVIK. Employed seasonal fishing and as a coaster.
1964: Re-engined with 180bhp Wichmann oil engine.
1973: Sold to A/S DYRØGUTT, Gibostad. Renamed DYRØGUTT.
1973: Re-engined with 3-cyl 220bhp Brunvoll oil engine.
197?: Sold to Leif Tøllefsen, Svolvaer.
197?: Sold to Arene Larsen, Henningsvaer.
198?: Sold to Harald Nygård, Hasvik. Renamed HEIMSUND.
1985: Condemned and deleted from Norwegian register.

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S.D/T Harnser LT627

S.D/T Harnser LT627
Picture courtesy of The Barry Banham Collection


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