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S.T. Dunnet LO204


Official Number: 136188
Yard Number: 588
Completed: 1914
Gross Tonnage: 205
Net Tonnage: 79
Length: 112.2 ft
Breadth: 22.5 ft
Depth: 12.4 ft
Engine: 49HP T.3-cyl by Amos & Smith Ltd, Hull
Built: Cochrane & Sons Ltd, Selby


14.2.1914: Launched by Cochrane & Sons Ltd, Selby (Yd.No.588) for Hull Steam Fishing & Ice Co Ltd, Hull as DUNNET.
24.4.1914: Registered at Hull (H77).
30.4.1914: Completed (Joseph Vivian, manager).
2.1917: Requisitioned for war service as a minesweeper (1-6pdr HA) (Ad.No.3004).
1919: Returned.
5.3.1933: On return to Hull Sk. Parks reported that while fishing in North Sea the Third Hand was injured. Bosun and deckie launched boat to take him to mission ship, but the boat was swamped all three drowned *.
3.1936: Combined boxing and trawling fleet of Kelsall Bros. & Beeching Ltd and the Hull Steam Fishing & Ice Co Ltd consisting of 59 vessels laid up at Hull (declining catches, coal bill and increased maintenance costs had made the venture uneconomical).
7.3.1936: Hull Steam Fishing & Ice Co Ltd in voluntary liquidation.
1936: Fleet sold en bloc to Heward Trawlers Ltd, London (R. S. Hewett & H. F. Hayward) (Robert S. Hewett, Fleetwood, manager). Refurbished.
3.2.1937: Registered in ownership of Heward Trawlers Ltd, London (R. S. Hewett & H. F. Hayward) (Robert S. Hewett, Fleetwood, manager).
2.7.1937: Hull registry closed.
5.7.1937: Registered at London (LO204).
1945: Sold to Robert Walkington, Fleetwood (Alex Keay, manager).
1947: Sold to Mrs Minnie Walkington & Mrs Florence Tuff, Fleetwood (Alex Keay, manager).
1949: Sold to Mrs Florence Tuff, Fleetwood (Alex Keay. manager).
1954: Sold to Alvis Trawlers Ltd, Fleetwood (Sun Steam Trawling Co Ltd, managers).
1955. Sold to Fern Leaf Fishing Co Ltd, Fleetwood (Hewitt Fishing Co Ltd). London registry closed. Registered at Fleetwood (FD121).
12.1.1956: Sold for breaking up in The Netherlands.
5.9.1956: Breaking up commenced at Dordrecht.

(* Drowned men. Ernest Parks (23), Bosun; Arthur Webb (60), Third hand; Herbert Featherstone (21) deckhand.)

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S.T. Dunnet FD121

S.T. Dunnet LO204
Picture courtesy of The David Buckley Collection

S.T. Dunnet FD121

S.T. Dunnet FD121
Picture courtesy of James Cullen

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