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S.D/T. Provider R19

Additional information courtesy of Andy Hall and Barry Banham


Official Number: 125533
Yard Number: ?
Completed: 1907
Gross Tonnage: 98.8
Net Tonnage: 21.46
Length: 86.7 ft
Breadth: 18.7 ft
Depth: 8.6 ft
Built: Robert Cock & Sons Ltd, Appledore
Engine: C.2-cyl by Wm Burrell & Co, Southtown, Gt. Yarmouth
Boiler: Riley Brothers (Boilermakers) Ltd, Stockton on Tees


24.09.1907: Launched by Mrs W. Burrell, wife of the owner, at Robert Cock & Sons Ltd, Appledore (Yd.No.?) for Wm. Burrell, Southtown, Gt. Yarmouth as PROVIDER.
6.10.1907: Sailed Appledore for Gt. Yarmouth in tow of the London tug CHALLENGE (137grt/1884) for machinery installation.
8.2.1908: On completion of machinery fit, registered at Yarmouth (YH999). Wm. Burrell designated managing owner.
6.8.1909: Shetland. When proceeding to Mr Wm. Lowe’s station to discharge a shot of herring, in a very strong westerly breeze and a strong sea running, too little allowance was made for the force of the wind and sea when “taking’ the stage and collided with considerable force, damaging the structure which required costly repairs.
11.10.1913: At about 11.00am. stranded on Yarmouth South Beach, north of the harbour entrance whilst making for the harbour in a SE gale. All crew taken off by breeches buoy by Gorleston Rocket Brigade.
12.10.1913: Refloated and taken into Yarmouth by the paddle tugs YARE (104grt/1883) and KING EDWARD VII (138grt/1901) with tug GEORGE JEWSON (57grt/1908) breasted up and pumping out.
1.1.1914: Tonnage altered to 35.39 net under provision of Merchant Shipping Act 1907
1914: Requisitioned for war service as an A/S net drifter (1-3pdr HA) (Ad.No.1904).
12.2.1916: Sold to C. & R. Harvey Ltd, Lowestoft. Deployed to Aegean Sea.
14.3.1916: Yarmouth registry closed.
15.3.1916: Registered at Lowestoft (LT42). Charles Harvey, Kessingland designated manager.
Post 12 3.1919: Returned to owner at Lowestoft.
1925 -1929: Seasonal trawling out of Padstow and Milford with occasional landings at Fleetwood. William H. Kerr, Milford managing agent.
18.2.1926: Off Portland on passage to Padstow grounds, shipped a heavy sea which damaged the forecastle companionway hatch. Put into Brixham for repairs.
20.2.1926: Sailed Brixham for Padstow.
1928: Landing into Fleetwood.
8.6.1928: Typical landing 43 boxes.
17.2.1930: Sold to Stanley Rowden, Ramsgate.
28.3.1930: Lowestoft registry closed. Registered at Ramsgate (R19). Stanley Rowden designated managing owner.
1935 – 1938: Seasonal trawling out of Milford with occasional landings at Fleetwood. William H. Kerr, Milford managing agent.
23.12.1937: At Ramsgate landed a conger eel, 10ft long weighing 74lbs.
31.5.1940: At Dunkirk. Deckhand Reginald Penn (19), Ramsgate, drowned when boat he was working, carrying soldiers from the beach to off laying ships, capsized.
1940 – 1942: Seasonal trawling out of Milford Haven. William H. Kerr, Milford managing agent.
1943 – 1944: Fishing out of Milford Haven. William H. Kerr managing agent.
6.1945: Returned to fish out of Ramsgate.
30.11.1945: In the Channel, reported still having trouble with aeroplane parts caught in the trawl, mostly petrol tanks but also a set of bomb doors.
1.1946: At Ramsgate established a new record landing of 1,000 stone of mixed fish from a two day trip.
8.10.1946: When outwards from Ramsgate to the fishing grounds sighted six crates floating, managed to haul them onboard and returned to harbour. Crates contained water heaters part of the cargo of the New Orleans registered Liberty ship HELENA MODJESKA (7176grt/1944) which had stranded on the Goodwins on 12.9.1946 and later broke in two.
8.1948: Due to the increase in price of bunker coal, the only steam trawler operating out of Ramsgate (the other steam trawler TREASURE (R37) laid up – heavier on coal consumption).
11.10.1947: Off Ramsgate (Sk. George Foster), picked up the 24ft yacht ESPERANZA, whose owner, John Summers (38), Exeter was taken ill the previous night; delivered Ramsgate. ESPERANZA was being sailed single handed to British Guiana.
1950: Sold to Ronald Fielding, Leeds.
1952: Broken up at Ramsgate. Ramsgate registry closed. Last steam trawler to work out of Ramsgate.

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S.T. Provider R19

S.T. Provider R19
Picture courtesy of The Andy Hall Collection

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S.D/L. Golden Sheaf BCK223


Official Number: 132178
Completed: 1916
Gross Tonnage: 95
Net Tonnage: 40
Length: 89.2 ft
Breadth: 19.2 ft
Depth: 9.1 ft
Built: G. Walker, Nairn
Engine: T.3-cyl by Rose Street Foundry & Engineering Co Ltd, Inverness
Boiler: A. & W. Dalglish, Pollockshaws, Glasgow


1916: Completed by G. Walker, Nairn (Yd.No.?) for R. Tindall & Sons Ltd, Fraserburgh (R. Tindall & A. M. Cowie, Buckie) as GOLDEN SHEAF.
27.11.1916: Registered at Buckie (BCK223).
8.1916: Requisitioned for war service as an A/S net drifter (1-6pdr) (Ad.No.2749). Based Falmouth.
Post 12.3.1919: Returned to owner at Findochty (R. Tindall & Sons, Buckie).
1924: Buckie registry closed. Registered at Fraserburgh (FR20). Maxwell J. M. Tindall appointed manager.
1928: Owner R.Tindall & Sons Ltd, Fraserburgh (R. Tindall, Charles Summers, John Tait, Charles Summers Jnr, George Walker & James Stephen Melville). Alfred R. Tindall appointed manager.
Late 1930s: Seasonal white fish lining occasional landings at Fleetwood (Alex Keay managing agent).
1939: Sold to George Walker & Sons (Fraserburgh) Ltd, Fraserburgh & others.
9.2.1940: Requisitioned for war service employed on miscellaneous Naval duties (Hire rate £26.0.0d/month).
194?: Sold to C. Summers & Co, Fraserburgh.
31.8.1945: Returned to owner.
1949: Sold to Elizabeth Buchan, St. Combs & others.
1950: Sold for breaking up.
10.1951: Fraserburgh registry closed.


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