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Vessels that have been lost

S.D/T. Beacon Star LT770 (Seasonal)

Additional information courtesy of Barry Banham and Tim Poppy


Official Number: 132942
Yard Number: 509
Completed: 1911
Gross Tonnage: 99
Net Tonnage: 44
Length: 88.1 ft
Breadth: 18.65 ft
Depth: 9.25 ft
Engine: T.3-cyl and boiler by Elliott & Garrood Ltd, Beccles
Built: Cochrane & Sons Ltd, Selby


8.11.1911: Launched by Cochrane & Sons Ltd, Selby (Yd.No.509) for The Star Drift Fishing Co Ltd, Lowestoft as BEACON STAR.
23.12.1911: Registered at Lowestoft (LT770).
6.1.1912: Completed (George Catchpole, Kessingland, manager).
9.1915: Requisitioned for war service as a boom defence drifter (fitted out as workshop). Based Scapa.
Post 12.3.1919: Returned to owner at Lowestoft.
1930s: Seasonal trawling from Padstow and Fleetwood (Lowestoft Fish Selling Co Ltd, Lowestoft, managing agents).
17.2.1937: Sailed Lowestoft for Padstow (Sk.Harold Hambly) in company with CONSTANT STAR (LT1158) and ONE ACCORD (LT324).
18.2.1937: In rough weather off the Devon coast came upon a fleet of French trawlers and in passing them safely became detached. Last spoken to when off the Eddystone Light and agreed to call next morning.
19.2.1937: No response to call and with weather worsening, CONSTANT STAR and ONE ACCORD put into Newlyn. With no response to further calls and no sign of vessel inwards to Newlyn, reported missing. Offer of The Admiralty to carry out a search accepted by Mr Catchpole.
16.3.1937: Search by warship, seaplane and enquiries along the French Coast, negative. Lowestoft registry closed. “Missing from 19.2.1937”.
Early 4.1937: Ship’s boat found off Cherbourg. No survivors.

Lost: Sk. Harold Hambly (35), 4. Waveney Crescent, Lowestoft, married one child; Louis William Schillings (51), Mate, Park Road, Lowestoft, married three children (wife Violet H. M. (nee Poppy) b.1889); George Sabberton (38), Third Hand, 28 Steven Street, Lowestoft, married three children; Henry Wigg (49), Ch Eng, 2 Council Houses Frostenden, married five children; Harold Ernest Chaston (43), 2nd Eng, 16 Southwell Road Lowestoft, married no children; Henry Alexander (51) 9 Sussex Road, Lowestoft, married two children and L. Bray (19), 38 Winnipeg Road, Lowestoft, single, both Deckhands; William Flowers (20), Trimmer, 39 Rochester Road, South Lowestoft, single; Clifford Edward Read (27), Cook, 3 Elms Cottages, Kessingland, single.

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S.D/T. Beacon Star LT770

S.D/T. Beacon Star LT770
Picture courtesy of Ashley Gardiner

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s.v. Spray FD147

Additional information courtesy of Christine Simm


Official Number: 56959
Completed: 1873
Net Tonnage: 26
Rig: Sloop – Trawling
Built: ??, St. Ives


1873: Completed by ??, St. Ives as SPRAY.
1874: Owned by Isaac M. Sibbald, Morecambe.
18.5.1874: Registered at Lancaster.
18.5.1874: Appropriated.
4.11.1875: At Whitehaven in company with AMETHYST (FD107), CONFIDENCE (FD121) and PETREL (FD59). Attempted to leave harbour. Informed by Mr Dawson, collector of dues, that they could not leave until harbour dues paid. As they refused to pay, the harbour tug was moored across the entrance to prevent them leaving. CONFIDENCE and PETREL skippers decided to pay, but AMETHYST and SPRAY continued their attempt to leave, one of the crew of SPRAY cut the tug’s head ropes and AMETHYST fell foul of the tug, smashing her boat. AMETHYST and SPRAY boarded by harbour master and mainsails confiscated.
6.11.1875: Skippers attended at the office of the solicitors to the Harbour Trustees and consented to pay all dues, damages and costs. Sails returned and allowed to sail.
1.1.1880: Owned by William Hudson, Fleetwood. Registered at Fleetwood (FD147).
1.1.1888: Owned by Mrs Margaret Hudson, 48 Warren Street, Fleetwood.
1.1.1889: Owned by James Armour, Adelaide Street, Fleetwood (managing owner).
6.11.1890: In SSE force 8 gale, seeking shelter and beating up the Wyre channel (Sk. David Cawell), when near the Knottspit Buoy, in going about missed stays. An attempt was made to wear ship, but this failed and about 6.30pm she was carried on to a bank on the east side of the channel. The sea was very rough and with the gale force wind, the situation was critical for the crew of four.
8.11.1890: At low water about 3.00am the fishermen, with the exception of the skipper, left the smack and walking across the sands to reach Knott End. The skipper had remained behind to fasten up the cabin and in trying to catch up with his crew he unfortunately got into the Knott Gulf. The tide was flowing at the time and he was unsure whether to return to the smack. Fortunately he decided to make a long detour to eastward and reached the shore. From Fleetwood the smack was seen to be submerged all but for her mast and there was concern for the safety of the crew. At about 8.00am three ferry men and three fishermen took one of the ferries across to Knott End and found the crew safe in the Bourne Hotel. The boat returned across the Wyre with the crew and received a hearty welcome from the assembled crowd. In the afternoon James Armour accompanied by fourteen fishermen and two carts went out to the smack and saw that she was already about eight feet deep in the sands. All loose gear, such as sails, ropes etc was brought ashore.
9.11.1890: Having dug out around her and removed all the ballast with the incoming tide she came afloat, but gradually sank again and it was discovered that she was holed.
12.11.1890: A further attempt to salve the smack was made but the tow rope parted and the attempt was abandoned. The SPRAY was valued at £400 and was insured. Fleetwood registry closed.

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sv Herring ??


Official Number: 1566
Completed: 1837
Net Tonnage: 32
Rig: Smack
Built: ??, Douglas


1837: Completed by ??, Douglas, IoM as Herring.
1849: Registered at Liverpool.
1.1.1870: Owned by Joseph Newton, Liverpool.
1874: Owned by William Hudson, Fleetwood. Registered at Fleetwood (FD??).
22.1.1874: Wrecked.
1874: Fleetwood registry closed.


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s.v. Hannah Eliza FD8

Additional material courtesy of Ian Wilson


Official Number: 22654
Completed: 1855
Net Tonnage: 31.78
Rig: Smack
Built: George Rigby & Peter Rawstrone, Freckleton


1855: Completed by George Rigby & Peter Rawstrone, Freckleton as HANNAH ELIZA. Registered at Fleetwood (FD8).
1.1.1868: Owned by William Gornall, West Street, Fleetwood.
1.1.1875: Owned by Frederick William Rigby, Preston.
26.1.1881: Fishing out of Ayr. In collision one man lost.
By 4.1884: Owned by Patrick Murphy, 15 Swingpump Lane, Whitehaven. Fleetwood registry closed. Registered at Whitehaven (4/1884).
By 1888: Re measured 23n, coasting.
1888: Sold to Bernard McGeehan, Kirkistown, Co. Down (managing owner). Employed as a trading smack.
22.12.1894: At Maryport (J. McGeehan, Master). In a severe WNW gale Force 9, lying laden with coal, damaged.
27.12.1894: Off Maryport involved in a collision with the Bangor owned Belfast registered vessels, BRIGANTINE C. M. REYNOLDS (50525) (144n/1864) and schooner LOUISA (8173) (59n/1838). Crew of three rescued. Declared a Total loss. Whitehaven registry closed.

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s.v. Ellen and Ann

Additional information courtesy of Geoff Davidson


Official Number: 20853
Completed: 1858
Gross Tonnage: 84.6
Length: 51.3 ft
Breadth: 16.2 ft
Depth: 7.5 ft
Rig: Smack – trawling


1858: Completed by Gibson & Butcher, Fleetwood for ??, ?? as ELLEN and ANN. Registered at Fleetwood.
1.1.1870: Owned by H. & C. Blundell, Southport.
1.1.1875: Owned by Henry Wroe, Row Lane, North Meols.
1876: Registered at Liverpool (14/1876).
1.1.1880: Owned by Thomas Evans (64/64), Laburnum Villa, Egerton Street, New Brighton.
1891: Liverpool registry closed.
6.4.1891: Registered at Douglas (DO225).
5.11.1891: Sold to John Eccles (64/64), 21 Bank Road, Hoylake for the sum of £1,000.
16.11.1891: John Eccles designated managing owner.
4.10.1893: Remeasured 34g 34n.
12.1894: Sailed Hoylake for fishing grounds off the Welsh coast (Sk. John Eccles); five crew total.
21.12.1894: At about 2.00pm. in freshening weather, sailed Bangor for home in company with smack BETSEY (1630)(LL73) (32tons/1796/1877 owner Robert A. Aldred, Hoylake). In evening as storm increased and in snow and sleet separated from BETSEY which was cast ashore off Hoylake.
22.12.1894: In the early hours, ELLEN and ANN with sails carried away was driven into the Ribble estuary and took the ground off Birkdale, quickly opening up; all five crew drowned. (The Southport No.2 lifeboat EDITH and ANN (Cox William Robinson) was launched to other vessels in distress but had to return when her mainmast broke.)
24 & 26.12.1894: All bodies recovered.
27.12.1894: Inquest held at Southport.
25.7.1895: Douglas registry closed.

Note: Mrs. Eccles lost her husband, two sons and all their lifetime savings and was left penniless with four children. An appeal for help for her and Mrs. Sherlock was made at the end of the inquest.

Note: On 22 Dec 1894 MAUD PICKUP (Cox Robert Wright) which was newly arrived that year was launched to the 3-masted Barrow schooner ANNIE PICKUP and all crew saved. 120mph recorded at Fleetwood night of 21/22 Dec.

Crew lost – John Eccles (51), 21 Bank Road, Hoylake; Joseph Sherlock (57) Mate, Becks Yard, School Lane, Hoylake; Joseph Rainford (18) seaman; Edwin Eccles (20) seaman; John Eccles (15) cook. (Joseph Rainford was the stepson of Joseph Sherlock and the younger Eccles were sons of the skipper).

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